Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated May 12, 2020

Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration 11

Do you include capelets and wraps in your outfit-making tool kit? If not, you’re missing out! What is a capelet? It’s a small cover-up (think “little cape”) that is worn over the shoulders. It can be worn for warmth, like a wool fur capelet, or for aesthetic purposes, like a lace capelet worn over a wedding gown. This is post is all about inspiring you to wear capelets and wraps more. Here we go… 

Cozy Capelet for Warmth: Neutral and Black

Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration 13

Instead of grabbing your usual go-to jacket off of the coat hanger, opt for a cozy capelet instead. Choose one that hangs to about your waist, and also covers your arms up to your elbows. You’ll keep your core warm, while looking super stylish to boot! For an easy, classy outfit pair a neutral-toned cable-knit capelet with black pants and boots. You’ll look runway ready! 

Fur for Formal Flourish

Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration 15

Are you going somewhere a bit fancy this winter? Maybe you have a big date night coming up, or a fall or winter wedding in the books. Check out your local second hand shops with an eye for vintage fur. A fur wrap or capelet will instantly upgrade your outfit. Pair with pearls, black lace tights, or a vintage style hat for even more fashion points. 

Wrap for Pop of Color

Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration 17

If you wear lots of black and white, you might be looking for simple, easy ways to add color to your outfits. Black and white are great basics — you can’t clash when you’re just mix and matching black and white items. But you can get into a rut! Colorful wraps in bright and bold patterns will help you break out of that rut. 

Lightweight and Casual

Classic Capelets and Wraps: Your Style Inspiration 19

Capelets and wraps can be worn as an outer-layer to keep you cozy when there’s a chill in the air. They can also be worn for purely aesthetic purposes! A pretty pink crochet capelet might not keep the wind-chill away, but it will certainly add an exciting dimension to an otherwise drab get-up. Think about colors, patterns, and texture here. Add contrasting elements to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a linen dress, try adding a wool or acrylic capelet to the mix. If you’re in satin, play with lace capelet. You get the idea! 

What’s the bottom line? Don’t shy away from wearing capelets and wraps. So often, we get into style ruts. You might be used to grabbing a lightweight jacket or cardigan out of your closet, or wearing simple black and white outfits. But with just a little bit of effort, you can bring life and beauty into your outfits that was missing before. Because capelets and wraps are under-utilized, you’ll stand apart from the crowd and look like a true fashionista!

Now we want to hear from you. Do you have a capelet in your closet? How about an over-the-shoulders wrap? If not, do you want to get some? Leave a comment below.


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