10 Vintage Ideas for Your “Something Old” (Weddings)

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated June 4, 2024

10 Vintage Ideas for Your “Something Old” (Weddings) 25Most brides really love the tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for their big day. And it’s not surprising: it’s a sweet, fun wedding ritual that often allows other people to help with and be a part of.

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For vintage lovers, the “something old” part of this tradition is the most exciting. If the dress isn’t your “something old”, what else could be? Here are some beautiful ideas, put together by the wedding professionals at Imperial in Los Angeles, who have a stunning wedding venue of their own.

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The Veil

One of the most popular “something old” choices for brides is for them to wear a veil that belonged to their mother or grandmother. Often these vintage veils go absolutely perfectly with the bride’s gown, creating a lovely contrast between new and old that somehow goes seamlessly hand-in-hand together.

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The Shoes

If you’re into vintage pieces, you know the complete magic that some vintage shoes can bring. Shoes were made differently in the past—more detailed, more interesting, more unique. Choosing a pair of vintage shoes for your “something old” isn’t only an inspired idea, it’s also one that will allow your feet to be much more comfortable during your day, since the shoes will most likely already be broken in.

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Besides a veil, vintage and antique jewelry is the other most popular choice for “something old”—especially pearls, a locket, or the wedding ring of a loved family member who may have passed away. Grandmothers and mothers often save their favorite pieces of jewelry for their daughters to wear on their wedding day, making these items spot-on for the tradition.

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A Clutch

For your wedding, you’ll need a lovely little clutch to keep your essentials in. Why not go with a gorgeous vintage clutch? Just like vintage shoes, older clutches tend to be stunning and elegant—and just the thing for a bride to carry.

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A particularly sweet choice for your “something old” may be the ring bearer pillow or flower girl basket that was used in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding. This will add a touch to the ceremony that’s both traditional and sentimental.

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The Garter

Did your mother or grandmother keep her garter? If so, consider it for your “something old”. Chances are it’s adorable!

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Whether it’s added to your dress somewhere, used in your hair, or incorporated into the bouquet, vintage lace is simply gorgeous. When caring for delicate vintage lace, always handle it gently with clean hands. Handwash the lace using a mild detergent designed for delicates, and avoid harsh chemicals or bleach. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight or heat. Properly caring for your vintage lace will help preserve its beauty for years to come.. Perfect for weddings, feminine, and a symbol of purity, lace is a fantastic choice for this tradition.

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A Stole, Shawl, or Wrap

If you’re getting married in the cooler months, you may want your “something old” to be a practical and lovely stole, shawl, wrap, or shrug. Not only will you stay warm, these pieces tend to look incredible in wedding photos.

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Okay, so this isn’t exactly a vintage piece that can be seen, but it can still be worn! If your mother, grandmother, auntie, or close family friend has some beautiful vintage perfume that you love, ask them for the honor of wearing it on your wedding day.

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Another classic “something old”, handkerchiefs can be wrapped around the bouquet or hidden somewhere on you. They represent timeless elegance and sweetness from the past, as handkerchiefs aren’t exactly common these days. Sometimes when brides choose this for their “something old”, they also have them embroidered (if the handkerchief isn’t already).

Hopefully this gives you a bit of inspiration for your own “something old”. If you’re a vintage lover, you know this will be the highlight of the tradition!

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