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Week of May 22nd

Lions, tigers and bears … and giraffes, unicorns, doves, eagles, turtles, fish, seals, owls, seahorses, fish and … dinosaurs!

OH MY!!!

This week’s Shop Finds page was inspired by my love for the many creatures of this earth.

From our own cherished pets to the plentiful squirrels beyond our homes to rare, exotic species only seen in their natural habitats: Our world’s beauty is greater when we recognize that we are not the only animals living it.

Vintage jewelry with animal design is a unique (not to mention planet-friendly!) way to honor your favorite creature.

Say hello to a woodland, air or sea animal by purchasing one of my 12 favorite pieces of animal jewelry from Etsy below — each costing less than $25!

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[etsyid=74563686:Giraffes stand tall and hang low as earrings with bright sundresses, sunglasses and wooden bangles.][etsyid=67685386:Unicorns are whimsical creatures for wearing poolside with a black tankini bathing suit and sheer sarong.][etsyid=62544413:Simple doves speak style peace with sleeveless wrap dresses or lace camis for work and fitted tees for fun!]
[etsyid=67672648:Let large eagles fly with rock tees and distressed denim at All-American music concerts.][etsyid=66637220:Turtles talk fun on conservative jackets that need a breath of fresh summer style for the work week.][etsyid=70106526:Fish swim stylishly on fingers with Grecian-inspired dresses, tousled hair and gladiator sandals.]
[etsyid=74146680:Lions growl fierce fashion with your hair in an up-do while rocking a leather jacket, skinny jeans and heels.][etsyid=63110611:Silly seal pins sit happily on muted fuzzy sweaters, bold blazers or attached to a spring neck scarf.] [etsyid=67349828:The wise owl loves to spread wisdom by day with ’70s blouses, dark denim and leather huarache shoes.][etsyid=66946750:Dinosaur earrings come back to life at parties with ’60s prints on mini A-line dresses.][etsyid=69806273:Seahorses are good luck with V-neck cut tees, jersey skirts and flip-flops by the sand.][etsyid=74583495:Fish earrings serve entree-course style at dinner parties with a LBD and leather clutch.]

Week of May 16th

There’s just something marvelous about a maxi dress!

After shopping for a maxi dress outfit at the Manhattan Vintage Show, a few of you expressed uncertainty that the floor-length cut of a maxi would complement your petite figure.

Well, the vintage Gods have blessed again because the popular ’60s-’70s dress known as the “maxi” because of its full, floor-length has made a comeback for spring 2011 with fully functional (and fun!) good reason: The style is flattering on ladies of every height and size thanks to its a waist-cinching empire waist and body-lengthening cut.

Learn the art of maximizing the best maxi for you with 12 of my favorite floral picks available on Etsy now — and each costing $30 or less!

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[etsyid=70487268:This maxi’s sewn-in black belt ties at the back for behind-the-scenes elegance, no accessories necessary!][etsyid=49681647:The black base of this maxi dress gives print a classic aesthetic that’s appropriate for your 9 to 5.][etsyid=71539593:Hawaiian prints aren’t just for the Pacific islands. Wear with a cool fedora hat and chic leather bag for brunch.]
[etsyid=68056601:Sleeveless v-neck maxis lay lighter on the frame. Layer on warmth with a fitted bolero sweater.][etsyid=70203019:A scoop neck and pleated skirt give this maxi fitted flair worth elevating with strappy platforms.][etsyid=67214337:Replace its fabric belt with dark leather one, adding a DIY turban and t-strap sandals for casual summer cool.]
[etsyid=74063969:Midi maxi dresses can be worn with heels and when appropriate, look great with cropped blazers.][etsyid=51257501:Groovy ’60s prints are conversation starters anywhere, from cocktail parties to long lines at the store!] [etsyid=70764915: This calico print maxi is a fresh take on floral with a skin-baring scoop neck and feminine angel sleeves.][etsyid=73253927:Your statuesque beauty is accentuated by an empire waist up top and pointy-toed heels on bottom.][etsyid=72657289:Modernize traditional floral with wooden bangles or bomber jacket from your fall closet.][etsyid=68450310:Perfect for any activity under the sun, especially when worn with a floppy hat and sun-kissed tan!]

Week of May 9th

Lace is undeniably for the ladies — a luxurious accent that transforms basic to beautiful; plain to pretty; simple to seductive.

After researching the history of wedding dresses last week, I quickly latched onto an obsession with all-things-lace.

From antique Victorian to ’90s grunge — every era since its invention in the late 15th century has seen its own unique lace-making trends.

Here are a few of my favorite vintage lace pieces that stood the test of time and meet the standards of today’s style!

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[etsyid=72559716:The luxurious effects of lace are maximized in a MAXI dress! Accessorize with feather earrings.][etsyid=71600254:Tuck sheer lace into high-waisted pencil skirts and wear with a solid bolero jacket or fitted cardigan.][etsyid=69131728:Wear with lace skirts for the youthful energy of a ballerina without sacrificing style sophistication.]
[etsyid=30709177:Expose lace earrings behind luscious locks for ear embellishments that are tres chic.][etsyid=65339126:Lace appliques add texture to hats practical enough to wear after the horse derby, too.][etsyid=73145465:Party girl lace for lasting impressions at gallery openings, formal weddings and red carpet worthy events. ]
[etsyid=73607497:Wear sheer lace over a lingerie cami. Add a skinny gold waist belt and layer with shiny gold necklaces.][etsyid=67897428:Give lace bustiers a subtle pop under fitted black blazers or ironically with grandpa sweaters.][etsyid=71761822:Wear sheer lace minis as overlays. Unbutton to layer over matching length skirts and dresses.][etsyid=62904373:No lace here, but rather lace UP booties for comfortable wearing with black lace fishnets and ditzy floral skirts.][etsyid=73648426:A delicate delight with skinny jeans or workday professionalism below a matching cream pantsuit.][etsyid=73662063:Organize perfumes and other sweet smelling decadents on a lace embedded vanity tray.]

Week of May 2nd

I wanted to try something different for the shop finds page this week, as inspired by the homepage of vintage & handmade marketplace Etsy.

Like Etsy does on their homepage, I will be presenting all of you amazing vintage lovers with a “themed” curation of pieces moving forward.

Last week’s spring temperatures and my new obsession with brights reminded me just how much I love the seasonal fun of TIE DYE!

The newly themed shop finds page currently features 12 of my favorite tie dye vintage pieces from a variety of vintage sellers.

Not into tie dye? That’s OK! Check back next week to see what fresh theme I pull out of my vintage-lovin’ pocket.

In true Sammy D style, my personal inspiration might challenge your fashion comfort level. But just maybe, you’ll push the envelope yourself to try out a new look!

Because remember: All you have to do is spread vintage love to make style peace!

[etsyid=46477583:Wear this tie dye jumpsuit any day of the week with a black belt and your pant legs tucked into black ankle boots.][etsyid=70062033:Nothing is more exotically chic than wearing this maxi poolside with a bright pink mani/pedi.][etsyid=67851040:Just enough Jimi to rock with cut-off denim shorts, a pair of leather huaraches and a big sun hat.]
[etsyid=72361125:Subtle shades of red and pink are appropriate for work with a white button down shirt.][etsyid=70364692:This wise owl possesses psychedelic powers to grow plants and offer cosmic wisdom.][etsyid=69171009:Wear this Little Black Dress of tie dye with silver or turquoise jewelry and shoes with metal hardware.]
[etsyid=48683375:Tie dye neutrals call for gold accents, like a white leather belt with gold buckle and gold bangles or hoops.][etsyid=72921807:A dress that needs nothing more than a black clutch, stud earrings and a flower in your hair.][etsyid=72976848:Add tie dye to your wardrobe with removable elements, like this scarf worn as a shawl or a beach cover-up.][etsyid=72233979:Stand out against the burning beach sun in bonafide tie dye, or wear with shorts as a sassy top.][etsyid=69905132:Wearing stars & stripes isn’t so corny when the design is tie dye! Save this for the 4th and great photo opps!][etsyid=71720429:Modernize this ’80s acid wash tie dye away with a fitted fringe top, feather earrings and cowboy boots.]

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