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12 Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations!

[etsyid=86804340:I never thought hanging literal “heads” on the tree would look this cute?][etsyid=87975200:Your tree will sing vintage style with these miniature Christmas carolers on it.][etsyid=86900738:A German take on good ‘ole Saint Nicholas. Froehliche Weinachten!][etsyid=87412748:Channel ’60s space age decor with a very “blue” evergreen tree!][etsyid=83004095:Who wants tiny LED lights when you’ve got the unique shapes of vintage ones?][etsyid=87589801:Paired with basic white lights, blue balls radiate holiday glow.][etsyid=87433599:Thanks to classic advertising, we know Santa Claus loves his vintage Coca-Cola!][etsyid=88202600:Handmade angels are born in the imaginations of believers. Faith is forever!][etsyid=29742532:These vintage bell ornaments will ring merriment into your living room this season!][etsyid=86471450:Vintage angels have souls of children and hearts of saints. Let her watch over you!][etsyid=86046077:The Victorian boot stocking gets stuffed with the best goodies.][etsyid=87487453:Needlepoint stockings illustrate vintage imagery with precision and perfection.]

12 Pieces Every Vintage Lover Should Own!

In light of the holiday shopping season — and with the belief that “investment” is better than “splurge” when it comes to personal vintage style — I curated this week’s Shop Finds with 12 pieces I personally believe EVERY vintage lover should own!

Part I of a three part series explains why you need to own these pieces below. Check back soon for parts II and III!

[etsyid=81789597:Slip this under a fitted dress or skirt/top combo for a silky smooth look.][etsyid=86717414:Big in the ’80s, the butterfly sequin top is a “fly” addition to any wardrobe!][etsyid=86227563:Bold trouser colors were hot on the 2011 runways — and will be on you!][etsyid=84161987:So perfect, you’d think this was from Holly Golightly’s personal LBD collection.][etsyid=84199209:The “Granny” boot was modeled off the ’30s trend. Wear today for Steampunk sass.][etsyid=86348126:The style is literally “in your hands” with these vintage driving gloves!][etsyid=85256996:The satchel style is school girl meets vintage go-getter, both durable & delightful!][etsyid=85078311:Add style worth the few inches of height this fur hat gives in full fabulous glory.] [etsyid=80286316:Cat eye shades add colorful character without looking like a costume.][etsyid=85740171:A drool-worthy alternative to a strand of pearls that makes your neck look oh-so-divine.][etsyid=69018655:A good coat is like a good lipstick: Put it on and feel fab instantly!]

Week of August 14 – A Pretty Prairie Picnic

I’ve been musing on a vintage style conundrum lately: Is the “prairie” dress than much different than the “picnic” one?

Perhaps in its vintage heyday, the picnic dress was technically a shorter length, patterned with gingham or checkers and usually a light shade of red, yellow, green or blue.

Prairie dresses, on the other hand, possessed more ’70s flower child qualities of to-the-floor maxi length with lace and corset top details and designed in every color and pattern imaginable under the sun.

Gunne Sax (the original company behind prom dress guru Jessica McClintock) was famous for the prairie dress style most popular in the ’70s. His designs were reminiscent of Stevie Nicks at her prime with a touch of conservatism as inspired by Little House on the Prairie.

For the modern girl of today, I argue that the prairie and the picnic dress are similar enough to be vintage fashion cousins. While the differences between the two are there, the ways you wear the are one and the same: To outdoor activities as experienced in late summer and early fall.

I curated 12 amazing vintage prairie dresses that can be worn to a picnic … or whatever other fabulous fun you have planned for end-of-summer magic.

And BIG NEWS! This is the final Shop Finds page that I will be curating — because from now on, each week will feature a GUEST CURATOR who is a vintage fashion lover and blogger on the World Wide Web.

I want to open the doors of creativity and collaboration to my friends on the Internet who support what I do, so that I can support what they do and most important: The style they love and which makes them feel their best.

If you’re a blogger and want to curate a future Shop Finds page, send me an email [email protected].

With vintage love and prairie picnic magic!

xx, SD

[etsyid=72857235:Red represents the prairie revolution … of your pretty style!][etsyid=40145790:Made for an Indian summer wedding and paired with light leather boots for fall.][etsyid=58982357:Tiered pattern dresses get the best of both worlds without too much of a good thing.][etsyid=73488104:Muted shades in long sleeve, maxi length styles won’t overwhelm the wearer.][etsyid=66287176:The perfect pretty peach to wear with a late summer’s tan, or to your last poolside soiree.][etsyid=78771544:Baby blue, you know this dress is absolutely a prairie vintage do!] [etsyid=79604952:Rock prairie magic at an end-of-summer music festival with combat boots.][etsyid=65326393:Fun and fancy free for a romantic date hotter than summer itself.][etsyid=67188123:Not quite prairie, not quite blue … but always oh-so-you.][etsyid=73250886:Cute and conservative for back-to-school sweetness or on-the-job sassy.]

Week of August 1st – Aztec is the New Kid on the Color Block

Wearing color affects your mood, like painting your room yellow makes you happy or eating the last blue ice pop makes us smile even before the first bite.

I believe that we tell the world a lot about ourselves by what we choose to wear, and wearing vintage is how I show the world my “true colors.” My clothes speak both style and confidence, illuminating how I creatively push the boundaries of the style frontier.

Exploring vintage fashion is a great way to explore ourselves, too. We express our joys for these pieces that’s first felt from within, and exposed through material things worn on our bodies for the world to see.

You and vintage clothing have a lot in common: You’re both one of a kind!

Inspired by color and the style calling of this season’s trends, I curated 12 vintage colorblock pieces with Aztec design for this week’s Shop Finds page.

[etsyid=78601344:An old twist on a new trend, this sheer animal print block blouse will make em go grrr!][etsyid=68648150:For the adventurous vintage girl, a knee length party dress that expresses every color of the rainbow.][etsyid=78761412:This woven Navajo handbag is the perfect sidekick for your next vintage shopping adventure. ][etsyid=78775330:Get wrapped up in layers of designer silk for a night out with friends or a crisp look at work!][etsyid=65895413:Octagon shaped handbags definitely aren’t a dime a dozen, so get your vintage value with this one!][etsyid=77150153:In the great words of Prince, you’ll ‘Go Crazy’ over this pretty babydoll dress with a daring color twist.][etsyid=78831702:When I die, I think I’ll wear this angelic blue cross body bag in heaven!][etsyid=78809621:The dress that will never let you down because its colors do nothing but boost your spirits up!][etsyid=70776513:For the gal who thinks blue jeans are boring, this mini fills in all the empty spaces, and on SALE!][etsyid=75164738:Modern enough to sell at H&M right now, a peasant dress that’s nothing but pretty & exotic for fall’s bright future.][etsyid=78841019:Every party girl’s dream dress! Take lead of the conga line and dance away the beautiful moment.]

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