1920s Paisley Turban Styled for 2012

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated January 9, 2020

four photos showing 20s turban styled four ways

It’s not often the modern girl has a chance to wear bonafide 1920s vintage clothing.

Reason being that in less than 10 years, ’20s style will officially fall into the category of the antique,  a world of more expensively priced vintage pieces because they’re so rare and therefore harder to find and market to the tastes of the modern girl.

While the styles of the ’50s – ’70s remain the quintessential eras of vintage because many of the styles inspire the designs we buy new in stores today, a revival of the Roaring ’20s for spring is in full swing now thanks to ’20s style runway trends and the popularity of period-focused entertainment like The Artist and The Great Gatsby.

Caitlin of Wore Out, a Burlington, Vermont-based style blog, purchased this paisley print turban circa the ’20s from the Etsy shop Bombshell Paper Dolls so that she could “step outside of her fashion comfort zone,” she says.

So for ideas on how to incorporate ’20s style into your own contemporary wardrobe before time (and pieces!) runs out, keep reading after the jump to see how Caitlin rocked her vintage turban four unique ways for versatile, classic, boho and All-American preppy looks!

What I love most about the ’20s was its ethos of “creative chaos,” as Wore Out wrote to me when putting together this guest post.

It’s finding style security in a little bit of crazy that inspires us to push creative boundaries and through the experience, learn just how strong, smart and skilled we truly are.

I love that Caitlin pushed her own boundaries to put together four great looks with one (almost!) antique turban.

Which of her looks do you like best? Let me know in the comments below the post!

xx, SD


’20s Turban from Day to Night

1920s vintage turban styled by fashion blogger wore out

1920s vintage turban styled by fashion blogger

1920s vintage turban styled with sunglasses on fashion blogger wore out

OUTFIT: Blazer – Goodwill / Skirt (worn as dress!) – Old Navy / Sandals – Target / Belt – Possibilities Thrift Shop / Sunglasses – Dollar Store

WORE OUT says: The blue and the red in the turban’s paisley print were the inspiration for this outfit.

I wanted a look that I could wear to everything from drinks after work (trade the blazer for a cropped cardigan) to a night out on the town with the girls (swap the sandals for wedges or ankle booties) or even to the office (keep the blazer, add a classic scarf or wrap, and opt for simple flats).

SAMMY DAVIS says: The easiest — but perhaps most overlooked — style secret to making an outfit look instantly chic is by mixing a pattern with a solid in a complementary hue.

Wore Out’s skirt-turned-dress is a similar blue to the blue base of her turban’s paisley print. Plus, this hue is gorgeous against her fair skin and roaring red hair.

Way to rock a turban in 1 easy style step, Wore Out!

’20s Turban for Classic ‘n Chic

1920s vintage turban styled with trench coat and button down by fashion blogger wore out

1920s vintage turban styled by fashion blogger wore out

fashion blogger wore out showing accessories and ysl handbag

OUTFIT: Denim Button-Up by Old Navy – Goodwill / Vintage Leopard Lines Trench – Etsy / Leggings & Oxford Shoes – Target / Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe / Belt – TJ Maxx / Vintage Watch – Flea Market in the Bahamas / Bracelets – Thrifted & Gifted / “Bar” Ring – Downtown Threads / Bag – Louis Vuitton

WORE OUT says: I wore this to brunch the morning after a late night of libations and celebrations with friends.

I wanted to be comfortable but I also wanted to look somewhat human, so I stuck with staple pieces (like my denim button-up and oxfords) and classic accessories (like my vintage watch).

The turban kept the look “me” (while hiding my unwashed locks) and added a springy punch of color!

SAMMY DAVIS says: Pairing the turban with preppy accessories deflects attention away from the novelty of the turban because her look is so coordinated and modern.

When worn alone with a dress like we see in look #1, the turban makes more of a statement in the outfit simply because there’s less pieces in the look as a whole.

But with Wore Out’s denim button-down, khaki trench, oxfords and designer bag taking the stage in look #2, her turban plays a secondary role that while can’t be ignored, feels more natural than if it were leading the show.

’20s Turban for Boho Magic

1920s vintage turban styled by fashion blogger wore out

1920s vintage turban styled by fashion blogger wore out

bracelet accessories as worn by fashion blogger wore out

OUTFIT: Denim Jacket & Black Maxi Dress – Old Navy Sales Rack / Sunglasses – Dollar Store / Sandals – Target / Multi-Strand Necklace – Gifted / Vintage Joe Camel Watch – Flea Market Find / Bangles – Gifted & Thrifted + Charlotte Russe

WORE OUT says: I love the beach gypsy vibe of this look, it’s casual but easily convertible so it’s perfect for the spring/summer party circuit.

I consider a black maxi dress to be a wardrobe staple. I always travel with one and have worn my LBD (long black dress) with everything from a Calvin Klein gold sequin tuxedo jacket to red cowboy boots.

Versatile is an understatement!

SAMMY DAVIS says: Worn with a long maxi and light denim cropped jacket, the turban takes on a more casual vibe for summer soirees and stylish events!

Wore Out may not be a dirty blonde like history’s fashion gypsy icon Stevie Knicks, but I could have certainly see her wearing this look at one of her sold out concerts back in the 1970s.

Wore Out modernized the look with bold bling on her wrists, bug eye sunnies and relaxed footwear.

’20s Turban for All-American Expression

1920s vintage turban styled with shorts by fashion blogger wore out

1920s vintage turban styled for spring look with shorts by fashion blogger wore out

photo of bracelet accessories

OUTFIT: Cotton Button-Up – Gifted / Shorts – Old Navy / Belt – Quarter Life Vintage / Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe / Multi-Strand Necklace – Gifted / Vintage Joe Camel Watch – Flea Market Find /Moccasins – Lands End 

WORE OUT says: I put this look together with a 4th of July trip to Martha’s Vineyard in mind.

I envisioned wearing this outfit on the ferry ride over to the island while sitting top deck enjoying a cocktail and the view. I love how my threadbare cotton button-up looks paired with my crisp sand colored khaki shorts.

The red belt and orange moccasins played off the turbans bold paisley print while the mixed metal necklace and bangles add a hint of glam.

SAMMY DAVIS says: 4th of July is my favorite holiday! I spy the red (belt), white (button-down) and blue (turban) of this All-American-Chic look.

Wore Out chose lighter-colored pieces to play up the uniqueness of the turban that when worn on this particular holiday, will definitely compete with a fireworks display!

With a cocktail in hand and a deckside view, you’ve got a look that’s perfect for a day that celebrates the freedom of America and personal style.


Caitlin Pierce is a 25-year-old style blogger behind the Burlington, Vermont-based site Wore Out. Her love of vintage stems from her love of history. She’s got a special place in her heart for ’50s and 70’s vintage because, “Both eras represent times of change for women and the fashions reflect that,” she says.

Born and raised in “the beachy part” of Maine, Caitlin’s called Burlington home for the past 5 years. She blogs to not only share quintessential New England style but to grow the voice for all fashionistas from the tip of the great American Northeast.

When not blogging, thrifting or exploring all of Burlington’s hot spots for food, shopping and fun, she’s experimenting in the kitchen, curled up with a good romance novel or playing with her pet cat, Gus!

Find Caitlin on the Wore Out Facebook page and follow her fashion inspiration on Pinterest!

All photos were shot & styled by Wore Out.


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  1. Thank you so much for having me Sammy! I had so much fun putting these looks together and will be wearing this turban a lot more when the sunny weather is here to stay!

    • Thank YOU so much, Miss Wore Out! Vermont cannot wait for that turban to make its official appearance ;-)

  2. I love this. I’ve always been a bit iffy on turbans in that I love them but can’t ever figure out how to wear them. This is brilliant!

    • Gracey, before I acknowledge your comment I have to say that your blog name Fashion for Giants is great! I’m 5′ 9″ myself! ;-)

      As for turbans, they are terribly tricky ;-) I think that attitude is definitely part of Wore Out’s styling success! xx

    • It’s so funny too, Gracey, because turbans were such a trend last year! But they were designed as scarves, not hats. That’s the tricky difference. I know you can pull it off though with your natural born “grace” XO


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