Because Sometimes You Have to Blog About Your Friends

by Sammy in Comment — Updated March 5, 2020


Yesterday, my good friend, and undoubtedly one of the best friends I will ever have, boarded a plane to move to San Jose, California.

The friend: Erin Hicks, co-founder of the now-defunct AWKWARD is Awesome blog.

When she first told me about the opportunity to move to San Jose – where the sun is always shining, San Fran is a 45 minute drive away, and the quality of life is one of the highest [at least according to Men’s Health Magazine, her former employeer] — I was happy for her, but didn’t express that “happy emotion.” Whatsoever.

I was in shock, disbelief, and denial that she’d actually be moving 3,000 miles away, after she had just moved back to NY only a few months earlier. Our dream to be together as friends in NYC — our shining city — had finally come true.

She made the move to carry on and grow an important relationship in her life. It’s a tough call – packing your bags and leaving behind many loving friendships for the one loving relationship that [quite honestly] has to matter the most.

I belief that she made the right decision, and in hindsight, I would have still encouraged her to follow her heart. Because I truly believe the rest – the best that is yet to come – will follow.

But when her cab pulled away on the evening of her goodbye party, the tears still came. And when I think of the memories, I do feel like a part of me boarded that plane with her, but may have gotten lost in transit crossing the continental US.

This post’s for you, Erin E!

<3 Sammy D

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When Erin first moved to New York in January ‘08, I was a senior in college at Temple University. She had graduated early from University of Washington, Seattle. She arrived at the airport in Newark, NJ where I surprised her with the sign, “Erin Hicks is AWKWARD, Therefore Awesome.”

I had never met her dad, Kevin, before meeting up with him in the city and driving to NJ to get Erin. But Kevin & I became fast friends waiting to greet the West Coast girl with her eyes set on NYC.

She had no job — but she had ambition. She grabbed two jobs waitressing. Moved to Harlem [literally down the street from where I live now] and then two internships, first at Blackbook Mag and then at NY Post. I quite honestly think she worked 18 hour days.

5 months after living in NYC, she was hired at Men’s Health in Emmaus, PA. She had to move out of NY. It was sheer … irony.

After a year working in PA [in a small town she absolutely despised] she received the green light from her company to work in NYC. After a little more than four months living in NYC, her life direction changes. And the green light points to San Jose.

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At Erin’s going away party. Take note of our holding hands, and Erin’s admiration of my growing hair. She still thinks I should go back to being blonde, like the good ole’ AWKWARD days.

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We’re sad.

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One of Erin’s co-workers at Women’s Health had a mock-up of a WH cover made of Erin. That’s her head imposed on the body of Zoe Saldana, a previous month’s cover model.

You can’t tell from this picture, but each sell-line [that’s magazine jargon for the headlines on the magazine cover] is catered to Erin’s tastes.

The best example: “Wear More Black!” <—— girl only wears blacks, grays, & whites [if we’re lucky to catch her on such a day]

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Love you, Erin E!

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