Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt

by Sammy in Comment — Updated February 23, 2020

So, maybe it was a few weeks ago that I got my haircut.

But the pre-haircut-outfit is still sort of relevant, right? Right?!

Sigh. Well, this has been in draft since February 13th. It’s now February 24th.

But the beauty with vintage is that as the days pass, it becomes more … vintage?

So yeah. This post = better later. And my hair? Better shorter.

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 13

THE LOOK: Sammy Loves Colors [and old school shirts]

THE TOP: Sammy Davis Vintage collection

THE EARRINGS: Vintage 80s, thanks to Mama D

THE BELT: One of those belts that came from something else. I don’t remember what. But I think it was paired with a dress … and now? It’s an independent, self-representative entity. [I think it’s happier that way, too]

THE SKIRT: Vintage 80s, Bargain Thrift, Germantown, PA

THE FISHNETS: Christmas gift thanks to Mama D, ‘09

THE SHOES: Rampage flats, aka rip-off Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marshals

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 15

You can tell in the sleeves that this shirt is a teensy-eensy-bit-too-big.

But I tucked it in and made it work. I may not wear it again for a while, but the splash of color on a dreary February day was much needed. Now, if only this foot of snow NYC is predicted to get on Thursday night could um, NOT happen.

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 17

Black belt breaks up the pattern with the solid red skirt. And then, upon hitting my legs we get back to [vertical fishnet!] pattern again.

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 19

The hair, pre haircut. Headband much needed. Volume? Sweet & unexpected.

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 21

Why am I SO excited? Because Miss Ariana Finlayson of Real Beauty hooked me up with some makeup and folders! She is my guardian angel.

Old School Haircut = Old School Shirt 23

See all those boxes & bottles & pretty things, oh my! Thanks, Ari! xx

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