’50s Style Wiggle Dress – Stop Staring! Challenge

by Sammy in 11 Comments — Updated November 18, 2019

a'50s style dress from Stop Staring Clothing

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a vintage style challenge sponsored by Stop Staring!, a women’s clothing company that draws inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s for its USA-made line.

When I shop for authentic 1940s and 1950s vintage clothing, I often come across beautiful dresses that are unfortunately too small for my 5′ 9″ frame.  That’s why Stop Staring! vintage clothing styles are a great alternative for ’40s and ’50s vintage lovers of all shapes and sizes to wear: Sizing ranges from extra small (24-inch waist) to 3X (38-inch waist).

Since being introduced to Stop Staring!, I’ve fallen for its ’50s-style dresses the most. So to show you how versatile a ’50s-inspired floral wiggle dress can be, I recruited my friend Hope Adela of PINK CHAMPAGNE to share how she’d wear it, too.

Since our styling approaches were so different, we’d love for you to check out our photos, and to vote for which look you prefer!

After you check out our photos, don’t forget to click the link below to vote!

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We hope you enjoyed seeing just how versatile this dress can be!

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a'50s style dress from Stop Staring

'50s style stop staring dress

a'50s style dress by stop staring clothing

'50s style stop staring dress worn on model

My Stop Staring! dress conjured images of an uptown lady relaxing with the latest issue of her favorite fashion magazine — perhaps a vintage McCall’s!

She’s simply chic in her jewels and white gloves with a ’50s wicker purse. Her heels may feel wobbly to walk in, but at least her “wiggle” will be elegant with parasol in hand as she struts down 5th Avenue to her next appointment.

This Stop Staring! cocktail dress is body-conscious without showing too much skin, however a quick glimpse from behind and a sexy V-neck back inspires much to be imagined by the admirer’s eye.

As I channeled a lady of 1950s luxury for this shoot, I attracted the stares of construction workers along 5th Avenue and 81st Streets, where I was photographed. I obviously thought to myself, “Please, gentlemen – Stop Staring!


vintage rhinestone earrings

vintage crystal choker necklace

the lucite handles of a 1950s wicker purse

Crystal Earrings & Necklace – ’60s costume jewelry owned by my Grandmother / ’50s Wicker & Lucite Purse – Loaned by stylist Carrigan Macrae / ’60s White Gloves – Thrifted 

No matter whether I’m wearing vintage or modern clothing, I can always incorporate a vintage touch with an accessory.

That’s why I chose to style my Stop Staring! dress with only vintage jewelry, a vintage purse, vintage gloves and magazine. While I’m not wearing a true 1950s dress, my look still honors the era with a few authentic vintage pieces.

cork t strap heels worn on feet

T-Strap Cork Heels – Yoki Shoes

vintage accessories and a vintage 1960s mccall magazine on a park bench

Yellow Parasol – Chinatown, NYC / McCall’s Magazine – 1964 issue gifted by Yellow Daisy Retro


hope adela of pink champagne blog wears a stop staring dress

hope adela of pink champagne blog wearing stop staring dress

hope adela of pink champagne blog wearing stop staring

hope adela of pink champagne blog wears a stop staring'50s style dress

PINK CHAMPAGNE’s Accessories: Atomic Warehouse Vintage Hat, Purse and Sunglasses – Vintage Gloves, Bangles and Earrings – Charlotte Russe Shoes

Photos by William Haubert of Red Stockman Photography


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11 thoughts on “’50s Style Wiggle Dress – Stop Staring! Challenge”

  1. You look stunning!! Adore the floral flock and I love Stop Staring!

    • Thank you so much Bre! Now to see YOUR DRESS in action!

  2. You both look AMAZING! Great photoshoot ladies ;)

    • Miss Fashion Attack, muchas gracias, and for the share!

  3. OMG Sammy this is so freakin awesome! You never cease to amaze me with keeping vintage alive! Muah!!!

    • Eccentric Diva you inspire ME! Thank you! Did you vote? ;-)

  4. You look great Sammy! I love that dress, I actually saw it before and wanted it but you rocked it. I love the vintage house wife look!

    • Totally vintage house wife! Off to her appointments! XO

  5. It’s get to be Sammy’s look! Love the colors in the dress. But the vintage necklace and earrings are the best!!

    • Peggie, aren’t they great! I must show these photos to my Grandmother!!

  6. I have a very similar bag that I got from New Old Fashion Vintage!


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