Vintage for the Modern Girl: ’60s Striped Skirt

by Sammy in , , Comment — Updated January 19, 2020

Every so often I’ll have a sixth sense about a vintage piece. On the hanger it looks like nothing – perhaps just a piece of fabric draped or clamped to some wood and metal. I may show the piece to someone else for their opinion and they just smile and stare … not wanting to hurt my feelings or crush my high.

I had that moment with this skirt. After lunch with my boyfriend and photographer extraordinaire Oscar (find him on Instagram here), at Prince Street Cafe in downtown Lancaster, I casually walked into a new vintage and antiques shop next door to see “what was inside.”

I headed straight for the (you guessed it) clothes rack. Like any passionate vintage lover, I left no hanger unturned. Each piece of vintage was a potential jackpot.

This skirt, which I’ve dubbed the “circus carousel” skirt, looked like a piece of cloth (or even a table cover!) on the hanger. Since I was wearing gym clothes in the shop, I tried it on like a woman without patience for the fitting room. And when I did manage to get it over my baggy sweatpants, both Oscar and myself expressed our doubts. Would the skirt really pop in our scheduled photoshoot later that weekend?

But my instincts buzzed – they wouldn’t stop saying “yes!” to me. They reminded me to think beyond the surface level and imagine the full look. They asked me to open my heart to the possibilities of what I might find in my closet to appropriately pair for a modern look.

I went home with the skirt and left my hesitancy behind at the store. Conclusion: I grabbed her for only three $10 dollar bills and a billion dollar smile.

So without further adieu, here she is, my 1960s circus carousel skirt, styled for a day of inward reflection in the midst of a cold winter’s day. Keep scrolling to watch my YouTube style vlog on this look, as well.

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1960s Vintage Skirt – “Circus Carousel”







a woman wears a vintage striped skirt in a field

woman wears a vintage fashion striped skirt

a young woman wearing a vintage skirt modeling in a field.

woman wears a vintage style striped skirt in a field

a young woman wearing a vintage skirt in a field

Vintage for the Modern Girl – Episode #1

Thank you all for reading, sharing and spreading that vintage love!

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xx, Sammy

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  1. i love it! Your experience goes right in line with the saying we should never forget, “Nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn’t buy”! My fav pic is the last one of your side profile with the barn in the background. Great job Oscar!


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