’60s Dress: Ways to Wear Vintage Polka Dots

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1960s vintage polka dot dress styled When it comes to 1960s fashion, some of the best dresses are the ones that remind us most of the styles sold in stores today. They’re light, feminine and easy-to-wear for a variety of occasions, like this ’60s polka dots dress from the Etsy vintage shop of Wayfaring Magnolia. While styles of the ’70s and ’80s seem more modern to wear, keep in mind that some of today’s most popular fashion trends were invented thanks to ’60s clothing influences. Polka dots are perfectly pretty for spring style that can be worn for creatively colorful date and weekend looks, especially when accessorized with modern touches and a stellar smile! Keep reading after the jump to see how Wayfaring Magnolia Etsy shop owner Amanda styled her ’60s polka dot dress in 3 unique ways!I first met Amanda when I featured one of her pieces in my Shop Finds, where I curate the best vintage I find every week for you to see and be inspired by. Her warm response to my feature radiated from the computer screen, and ever since we’ve been Facebook and Twitter friends. That’s what I love most about the vintage lover community: No matter who we are, where we are or what we wear, we’re all connected thanks to our mutual love of all things vintage style!

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Ways to Wear Vintage Polka Dots

’60s Dress for Fresh Lovin’

1960s vintage polka dot dress styled 1960s vintage polka dot dress styled 1960s vintage polka dot dress styled

Outfit: Vintage Headscarf / Bright plaid wedges – Liz Claiborne, thrifted WAYFARING MAGNOLIA says: My first look is a simple spring date outfit. I couldn’t pass up the dress’s petite polka dot pattern when I spotted this ’60s gem in a antique mall here in Nashville. With sheer sleeves, a ruffle bodice and a canary yellow waist tie, the dress is styled enough to wear as a standalone piece. But to modernize this vintage classic for today, I added a funky vintage headscarf scored from the depths of my Grandmother’s closet and a pair of thrifted plaid wedges to add another pattern. SAMMY DAVIS says: Wayfaring is right: This is a classic ’60s dress that needs only a few modern touches, which you do so well thanks to your penchant for bright colors! We all know I’m a sucker for headscarves, and I have to give you color credit for mixing three patterns in one look with your dress, scarf and shoes! Next time I wear a light-colored pattern like these polka dots, I’ll remember to add some extra umph with the pop of a few extra patterns.

’60s Dress for the Weekend

1960s vintage polka dot dress styled 1960s vintage polka dot dress styled

Outfit: Skinny jeans – Forever 21 / Purple cloche hat – Target / Shoes – Target / White Yoga Tank – Prana 

WAYFARING MAGNOLIA says: This is more of a weekend look. I actually wore this while my boyfriend and I went on a brewery tour.To wear the polka dot dress withoutwearing it as a dress, I unbuttoned it and wore it over jeans and a tank as an open jacket. I like taking the simple pieces like blue jeans and a white tank and adding some color with my dress-turned-jacket and the hat.

SAMMY DAVIS says: If I saw you wearing this without knowing the background of the look, I would never have guessed the jacket was actually a dress! Wearing vintage is such a creative outlet that re-imagining a piece to wear in a way other than its original purpose is not only alright to do, it’s awesome to style! Skinny jeans and a white tank is every girls’ weekend comfy look. Pair it with some funky shoes, a vintage-inspired hat and a vintage dress turned cover-up for a notch of style worth wearing every end-of-week.

 ’60s Dress for Color Blocking

1960s vintage polka dot dress styled 1960s vintage polka dot dress styled liz clairbone blue pumps

Outfit: Blue & White Polka Dot Headband – Forever 21 / Red Tights – Target / Peach Wayfarer Sunglasses – Forever 21 / Bright Blue Patent Leather Shoes – Liz Claiborne

WAYFARING MAGNOLIA says: This is my big and bright primary colors outfit. And who doesn’t like color blocking? I adore bright colors, possibly to the point of being obnoxious. But I’m totally OK with that ;-)

SAMMY DAVIS says: Wayfaring, I’m totally OK with that! Your final look is the most fun, fresh and functional. Yellow and red together reminds me of McDonald’s, but add a pop of blue beneath and the eye overlooks any resemblance to the golden arches. Plus, red tights creates eye-catching contrast next to the dress. You notice the polka pattern even more because that bold hue makes the white of the dots pop. Thanks for demonstrating how easy it is to rock three brights in one for a primarily pretty look!


60s dress polka dots

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Amanda is the owner of Wayfaring Magnolia, an Etsy-based vintage boutique based in Nashville, Tennessee. When not curating vintage classics from mostly the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, Amanda is a tour guide at the Country Music Hall of Fame and multi-talented singer.

Her appreciation of vintage was inspired first by family. Her grandfathers are both WWII veterans, and she fondly remembers the stories her grandmother shared of dances with the sailors when they’d come from leave during the war. To immortalize the memories, Amanda began collecting vintage dresses in high school to capture the feminine styles of the eras her grandparents lived and loved.

Say hi to Amanda on her blog, Facebook and Twitter and check out her other classic vintage pieces in the Wayfaring Magnolia vintage store!

All photos were shot & styled by Wayfaring Magnolia


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