My New Maxi Dress Look at the Manhattan Vintage Show!

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated October 25, 2019

I was hired by the Manhattan Vintage Show to brainstorm & curate the show & photoshoot theme, along with presenting an exhibit based on that theme to the public!

I had so much and learned a ton along the way — check out the latest video to see what ’70s-inspired outfit I put together at the vintage show!

Keep reading after the jump to see pictures from show, including pieces of my outfit, the final maxi ’70s dress look and of course … the awesome exhibit showcasing ’70s trends!

Thank you to everyone for watching another episode of SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE!

Big things are on the horizon for the growth of showing you vintage shopping & thrifting joy through video. These great things wouldn’t be possible without YOU, and so I want to vocalize my appreciation that you invest your personal, valuable time in watching my videos!

It’s a beautiful day in NYC … and I hope you are experiencing the same sunshine wherever you are, too!

Thank YOU!!! for spreading vintage love & making style peace!

xx, SD

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5 thoughts on “My New Maxi Dress Look at the Manhattan Vintage Show!”

  1. Seriously, that floral maxi dress you wear is SO SO SO CUTE! I need it… or something just like it fit for a 5’2″ girl. :-)

  2. Nobody loves her 70s maxis more than me. I have about 2,000 pieces in my private collection and I wear the 70s fashions every day – love my bell bottom jumpsuits, my maxi dresses & maxi skirts any day of the year, my ethnic-printed or embroidered caftans in summer time, my platforms & ALWAYS, ALWAYS, color-coordinating accessories (THE BIGGER THE BETTER) which I love to layer. This was my GRAMMY AWARDS outfit – 70s Mr. Dino (my favorite designer) neon geometric maxi. I have tons for sale in my Ebay store!
    And, here’s the link to my Ebay store (Passion Fashion Boutique):

    • hello Nicole aka Passion Fashion! Thank you so much for this comment! I believe you are my new ’70s fashion icon. That is amazing you own 2,000 pieces. Where do you store it all? Thank you for supporting brighter is better. Have you seen Vintage Vixon? She is amazing with ’60s-’70s in UK.


      • Hi Sammy,
        THANK YOU for your kind comments. Yes, my LOVE of the 1970s decade is a true obsession. The storage is a HUGE problem! After I have kicked my husband out of every closet and drawer in the house (the poor guy, he’s got a patience of a saint, I swear!), I then proceeded to completely eliminate both our guest rooms (packed wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling w/ vintage) and when I had no place to go, I started putting everything in huge, colorful tupper ware bins which I now stacked up in my living room, in my bedroom and pretty much everywhere! I have turned the house into a one ginormous storage!!! Which is why, I decided to open a store on Ebay and start selling some of my treasures off! I just posted a few pix of one of my favorite 70s dresses on your FB timeline, hoping you won’t mind!
        Nicole (a.k.a. Nicolasa/Passion Fashion)

        • Nicole, I gave you a little shout out on the fan page because your style is just so unique and special and celebrates YOU. I’m so honored to have made your acquaintance and I want you to know that your vintage love is an inspiration. And bless your husband! xo


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