How to Wear 70’s Makeup Trends in 2024

by Yvette in Comment — Updated March 3, 2024

If there is an era that people will always draw inspiration from, it’s the 1970s. The 70s fashion is timeless; today, our feeds are busy with the 70s makeup and hair. The era was free-spirited when people wore bell bottoms and bold prints.

The 70s makeup look featured shimmering cheeks and bright eyes that glittered underneath the disco lights. The beauties filled their eye makeup with gold tones, black eyeliner, and copper eyeshadow. Sometimes, they would play with gold colors like bright greens and powder blues.

On top of this, they included voluminous eyelashes both on the top and bottom and added mascara before heading to the dance floor.

Glossy lips, bushy brows, and warm-toned nude lipsticks were the order of the day in the 70s makeup. The main intention was to hide signs of texture on the skin, making it as poreless as possible.

Since history repeats itself, many modern beauties are embracing the 70s look. If you want to rock the 70s makeup, keep reading this guide to learn how to wear the best makeup look of this decade.

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Key Takeaway

  • The 1970s saw the rise of glossy, natural-looking foundation instead of heavy powders to achieve a youthful glow. Blush also became very popular, with a preference for pink hues.
  • Eyeshadow colors were bold and shimmery, embracing bright tones like blues, greens, gold, and silvers. Eyeliner was sometimes skipped for more simplistic looks.
  • Lips tended to be glossy and shiny, with prevalent deep, fruity nude and red tones. The goal was high shine through lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss.
  • Modern makeup brands continue to draw inspiration from 1970s trends, seen in products emphasizing shimmer, color, and glossy finishes meant to give a fun, disco fever vibe.

Key Elements of the 70’s Makeup

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The 70s beauty trends loved disco makeup and all-natural styles. In most cases, the base consisted of very little foundation accompanied by pink blush. They loved lighty filled eyebrows.

Depending on the style that a person was aiming for, eye shadow and eyeliner looks allowed room for expression. Some people loved Disco looks, while others aimed for punk looks.

Here are the makeup elements of this decade:

Lightweight and Glossy Foundation

This was to make the skin glow and give it a youthful appearance. The foundation formed most makeup bases.

So rather than opting for the matte and heavy powders of the 50s and 60s, the 70s makeup used foundation to cover blemishes and create a base.

In the beginning, blush was natural, but in the mid-70s, it became a necessity, with many opting for pink stripes that start at the temple.

Deep fruit colors for the lips

Ladies used plum, pastel peaches, and earthy nude lipstick colors. Bright red was common in this decade. The lipsticks were sheen or if not, some lip gloss was added to get the shine.

Natural light-filled brows

Not so much was done to the eyebrows as long as they were groomed. But, when it came to the eyeshadows, the beauties used bold colors and blended them with white or silver to highlight under the brow part.

Most people loved the iridescent shadows, but some favored matte, too. Blue eyeshadow was a popular choice. But green, gold and brown were also applied on glowing skin.

Eyeliner was mostly left out

Women who opted for a simple look did not use eyeliner. But those who wanted, used it on the upper and lower lid per their preference. However, some who loved punk look like Joan Jett used a heavy liner on the upper and lower lid.

Mascara was available in different colors like brown, blue, green, grey, or black and was worn by those who wanted it.

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Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

If you are feeling disco fever, it is time to recreate the 70s makeup look. Here is a step-by-step procedure to follow.

Prepare Your Canvas

A glowing complexion is the first step of doing the 70s makeup. Start by pimping your face to get the groovy glow. Then, go in with the foundation to achieve a natural, no make-up look.

Remember that the foundation should not be too much since you only use it as a base.

Master Eye Makeup Techniques

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Apply eyeshadow. The beauties used eye shadow colors that you’ll find in nature to beautify their eyes.

Choose gorgeous matte earth tones that represent the ground where flowers grow. Bright blue like the shadow, lush greens like leaves, or golden yellow like the sun.

The idea is to make your eyes very colorful, which sometimes may mean that you draw actual flowers around your eye area or face.

You can start with a matte nude brown to cover your whole eye. Then, go in with a golden yellow in the inner corners, a bright blue eyeshadow in the middle part, and a forest green in the outermost corner.

Sculpt Cheekbones and Add Definition

Women in the 70s loved bronzed skin, which is why bronzers and illuminators were popular. You can uplift your complexion using your favorite bronzer; make sure you apply it everywhere, including the cheekbones and forehead.

You can contour your nose using a bronzer. Glide it along the bridge and below the tip of your nose to create a chisel shape.

After, use a light wand to dot the top of your cheeks. That will create glowing highlights, which, under the lights, will make your cheekbones sharper and more prominent.

Achieve Luscious Lips

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Nude lipstick matched with a foundation helped to create a subtle look. During the day, women keep their lips subtle using a soft touch of lipstick, but in the evening, they opt for gorgeous, glossy shades.

Start with applying your lip liner, then go in with the lipstick, choose a sarin color and finish with a gloss if aiming for glossy lips. Otherwise, the lipstick alone is fine.

Set Your Makeup for Long-Lasting Glamor

To ensure your makeup stays longer during the day or for the night, here are some tips:

  • You don’t go overboard with the makeup; keep it light and use many fine layers.
  • You prime your eyes to create a long-lasting base and layer powder shadow on the top.
  • You wear the foundation that matches your skin type.
  • You use a brush as opposed to your fingers when applying the foundation

Iconic 70’s Makeup Looks

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Classic 70s Cut Crease

Bolder is better with the 70s look, which is why the cut crease was popular. Differentiate yours with the shapes since there is a modern version of the cut crease.

With modern eye looks, the cut crease extends outward towards the brow’s tail, but with the 70s, the cut crease is more rounded.

Fresh Face

The 70s beauties embraced simplicity and natural features. It was an era to celebrate what made each person unique as a way of self-expression. This minimalist approach is seen today in trends like sheer lip colors, dewy, highlighter swaps, and neutral eye shadows.

Disco Shimmer

Since the decade was for disco glam, there was nothing off-limits. Bold color choices of eye shadow dominated the dance floor. Opt for shimmery shadows, metallics, and glitter.

Get some inspiration from Donna Summer and wear your best outfit to get the party started.

Exploring Brands and Products

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Although many brands manufacture modern makeup, some are getting their inspo from the 70s era. Here are some brands to shop for the products of the 1970s.

Urban Decay

Purchase their ‘Stay Vulnerable Collection’ featuring shimmery eyeshadows with neutral and rose gold tones.

MAC Cosmetics

The brand designed “Studio 54” to remember the legendary New York disco club. The makeup line includes bright eyeshadows and glossy lipsticks.

Huda Beauty Products

Huda Beauty doesn’t have a product line specifically dedicated to the 70s theme. However, you can use some of their products to create 70s-inspired looks. Choose the Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette, highlighters, and lipsticks to create the makeup of that decade.

Expert Insights and Cultural Significance

Some tips and techniques from experts to master 70s makeup techniques include:

  • Use lighted foundations or tinted moisturizers
  • Use an angle brush brow powder or pencil to fill your brow
  • Embrace glitter and shimmer on your eyelids
  • Choose individual or strip false lashes
  • If you do bold eyeshadow, be subtle on the lips

The 70s makeup brought diversity and experimentation. The hippies went for a natural sun-kissed look, while disco lovers preferred the glamorous and dramatic look.

Also, bold colors, and exaggerated lashes were used as a means of self-expression and to defy the expectations of society.

Following these trends, beauties today have been encouraged to embrace their individuality, accept boldness in their makeup, and focus on the health of their skin, trying to minimize pores and cover blemishes.


The 70s was a special era that revolutionized beauty and makeup. It brought unique trends that have had a long-lasting impact and changed the world’s view and approach to makeup.

It continues to inspire modern trends, encouraging self-expression, boldness, and diversity. So, don’t be limited by the modern styles. Explore the beauty trends of the 70s and stand out from the crowd.

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