1970s Celebrity Vintage Style Icons: Influences on 2011 Fashion Part 1

by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 31, 2019

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

Happy Monday everyone!!!

This isn’t your average Monday: It’s Monday, March 7th. And in honor of all things “7,” and my recent obsession with the ’70s decade thanks to this spring’s ’70s clothing trends, I wanted to present you with a fun, flavorful post on all things ’70s vintage fashion, as inspired by ’70s celebrity icons!

Being the ’80s & ’90s darling that I am, I reached out to you awesome vintage lovers on the fan page and asked, “Who is your favorite ’70s celebrity?” I was OVERWHELMED! with responses! Check the screenshot below and you’ll see what I mean!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

HUGE thanks to all of you who took the time to share your favs. I used each & every one of your suggestions — plus a few ideas of my own — to research the who, what, how of celebrity-inspired fashion of the ’70s. The results were revealing and the research was … dare I say, radical?

Keep reading after the jump for the pics and proof that 2011 fashion may have you channeling your inner Diana Ross diva, Blondie bombshell or luscious Liza Minnelli. I’ll post part II tomorrow — complete with David Bowie Ziggy Stardust star power, David Cassidy pretty boy and Twig-tastic model muse, among others! Whatever the trend or time, style is what suits your soul and what suits your SELF! I love drawing creative drive from the past because it reminds me of the personal fashion empowerment that can help me channel whatever mood, moment or motivational mantra I want or need.

Empower your fashion today with some fun reflections of the past and mindful reflections of your present moment — the style of YOU!

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Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels
’70s FASHION ICON: Diana Ross

’70s FAME: After leaving the Supremes, Diana Ross launched a successful solo music career and award-winning acting career.

’70s STYLE: Diva with a capital D! I loved her in 1975’s Mahogoney, the story of an aspiring fashion designer turned model. Diana designed all of the costumes herself!

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Fake eyelashes, glam sequins & slit dresses and spring’s best trend: caftans


What other present day celebrity does Diana Ross remind you of? Share in the comments below!


Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels
’70s FASHION ICON: Debbie Harry aka “Blondie”

’70s FAME: The lead singer of punk-rock group Blondie. 1978’s “Heart of Glass” shot the group to American fame.

’70s STYLE: Sweet on the outside with a touch of rock star edge. Before finding success in music, Debbie was a secretary for BBC, an employee at Dunkin’ Donuts and even a Playboy Bunny. She could channel sexy to cool to chic to alternative with the change of a costume and a fresh mindset.

Her most notable style pieces illustrated her new wave, modern take on fashion: two tone blonde hair, high-waisted acid wash jeans and DIY details.

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Cropped tops, oversized shirts and high waisted distressed denim with Converse sneaks. Oh, and that two-tone dye job.


What other present day celebrity does Debbie Harry remind you of? Share in the comments below!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

’70s FASHION ICON: Jaclyn Smith

’70s FAME: Played an Angel on Charlie’s Angels

’70s STYLE: Glam by day. Jaclyn’s style oozed with sophistication no matter the hour — shiny jumpsuits, gold/silver v neck tops and tight tapered pants. She was like your best friend’s hottest mom who looked 15 years younger than her actual age.

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Jaclyn showed us how we can dress appropriately for a sexy-daytime look without looking like we’re headed to the local disco at that very moment. Feathered hair and shiny accessories can be just the details we need to go from frumpy to fabulous.

2011 CELEBRITY EQUIVALENT: Demi Moore & Cindy Crawford

What other present day celebrity does Jaclyn Smith remind you of? Share in the comments below!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

70s FASHION ICON: Goldie Hawn

’70s FAME: The hit sketch comedy show, Laugh-In

’70s STYLE: Goldie Hawn was in her early 20s when Laugh In first aired in 1968. Her ’70s style kept with the times: carefree chic, color, coordinated pieces and spunky sass. While most girls were still flat ironing their hippie hair, Goldie chopped it off a la Twiggy inspiration and inspired ladies everywhere to free themselves of hair constraints.

Plus, who can’t love Goldie’s smile? She helped promote inner & outer beauty with the graces of a good, free smile!

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Goldie’s cutesy girl look is now called “boho chic” by today’s standards. Floral ’70s dresses, swinging A-line skirts and rainbow brights epitomize Goldie’s glow and can be found at any Urban Outfitters near you! Although, I recommend checking your local vintage boutique or my Shop Finds page, first!

2011 CELEBRITY EQUIVALENT: With that hair? Emma Watson!

What other present day celebrity does Goldie Hawn remind you of? Share in the comments below!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

’70s FASHION ICON: Bianca Jagger

’70s FAME: Wife of the Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger & celebrity socialite. VIP at Studio 54. She also appeared on the cover of many magazines, including VOGUE.

’70s STYLE: Expensive one-of-a-kind pieces by top ’70s designers who wanted to dress her to spread word of their brand and accentuate their fame.

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: While she was a fashion icon and jet setter in the ’70s, Bianca grew up by 1980 and became a philanthropic and goodwill ambassador with the founding of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.

Nicaraguan-born Jagger carried her French roots [she lived in Paris from the age of 10] into her fashion sense: dress in one stunning piece and make true investments in fashion. Jagger reminds us that our Little Black Dress to a high-profile event need not be boring, and that we can choose to invest in our own couture versus numerous pieces of less value and quick turnaround.

2011 CELEBRITY EQUIVALENT: Paris Hilton a la the ’70s, Angelina Jolie a la present day

What other present day celebrity does Bianca Jagger remind you of? Share in the comments below!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

’70s FASHION ICON: Pam Grier

’70s FAME: You’ll all remember her as the role of Miss Foxy Brown in the film Foxy Brown. Pam was discovered while working as a receptionist in Hollywood and made her fame in what are coined as “Blaxploitation” films popular in the ’70s .

’70s STYLE: Bold & assertive, like her movie roles. Her style revealed her natural beauty: skin [often a toned tummy!], natural hair and makeup-less features [the antithesis of Diana Ross] and a very American pride/Native American inspired style.

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Take note of the Indian theme! More popular last year than this, Native American accents remain a re-occurring trend.  I’d suggest channeling this American Indian pride sans the head dress, though. Try suede vintage dress, fringe & turquoise jewelry.

Another note to make is Pam’s gorgeous natural hair in an afro style. The natural hair movement of recent years amongst the black community continues to grow and popularize the trend of “going natural” versus investing in hair relaxers and weaves, which have sometimes irreversible damaging effects on hair and scalp.

2011 CELEBRITY EQUIVALENT: Jennifer Hudson

What other present day celebrity does Pam Grier remind you of? Share in the comments below!

Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Part 1: 5 Fashion Channels

’70s FASHION ICON: Liza Minnelli

’70s FAME: Her Academy Award winning breakout role in 1972’s Cabaret combined with friendship to the Studio 54 “in crowd” of designer Halston, artist Andy Warhol and socialite celebrity Bianca Jagger. She appeared on numerous magazine covers thanks to influence from fashion’s elite, including Harper’s Bazaar.

’70s STYLE: Iconic ’70s designer Halston took Minnelli under his style wing and dresses her for events and dancing late into the night at Studio 54. Thanks to her out on the town popularity, the press captured photos of Minnelli looking and dressing her best – she was a fan of evening wear, like sequins, polyester floor length dresses and cleavage revealing black.

2011 STYLE & CULTURE INFLUENCE: Her cropped do continues to inspire all women who go for “the cut” and are looking for something that screams woman and not little-girl-gone-boy. She evolved into a gay icon, most recently appearing as a performer at the wedding of Carrie Bradshaw’s gay friends in the first Sex & the City movie. Liza’s affection for sequins and the nightlife motivates all of us to “step out in style” when hitting the town.

2011 CELEBRITY EQUIVALENT: Lady Gaga for style & muse-worthiness

What other present day celebrity does Liza Minnelli remind you of? Share in the comments below!


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