Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated January 12, 2024

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 15

Is it time to give your bedroom an upgrade? Give your bedroom a boho chic make over, using thrift shop items! Add the following items to your shopping list the next time you hit the thrift stores: A tapestry, curtains in mix and match prints, bold colors, vintage ’70s posters, Christmas lights, and planters. You will also need some paint, plants, and some time for getting artistic! Here are seven ideas for giving your bedroom a beautiful boho make-over on a budget!

1. Cover Your Bed With A Tapestry

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 17

Look for a tapestry with a design that you love. I find that even faded tapestries are lovely. A worn tapestry is easy to clean and even patch, so I don’t rule out the well-loved finds. Elephants, owls, flowers, and any kind of geometric and repeating pattern will make for a great boho chic addition to your room! Cover up your old bead spread to give your whole bed a brand new vibe in one easy step.

2. Mix and Match Your Curtains

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 19

While thrift shopping or sorting through tag sale goods, keep your eyes out for curtain panels. Mix and match several varieties for a patch-work effect. This looks best when the fabrics are all similar weights, but have different prints. Don’t worry too much about the length, because you can always adjust the panel with a cut or a seam here and there!

3. Give Walls Some Retro Love

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 21

Try painting one wall a dark navy, aquamarine, or deep purple, and filling it with vintage ’70s posters and prints. Thrift shop prints that are frayed or torn around the edges can be cropped to give them new life.

4. Make Your Dresser Into A Piece Of Art

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If you want to incorporate your dresser into the boho theme, think about painting the drawers with varying colors in intricate prints. Boho style is known for using an eclectic mix of textures and prints. If you aren’t feeling particularly artistic, you can also cover the drawer faces with printed wallpaper for the same effect.

5. Add In Lights and Plants

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 25

Use thrifted planters filled with gorgeous green plants to add in that earthy element that boho chic is known for. Little Christmas lights can be found at bargain prices at Goodwill stores, especially when they are all tangled up! If you are patient enough to get them straightened out, your room will have a lovely glow!

You can drape little white lights from the ceiling, or even use them as a headboard. Try putting a piece of natural wood against the wall horizontally about four feet above your bed. Hang lights vertically off of the piece of wood, with about three inches between each column of lights.

6. Complete With Finishing Touches

Give Your Bedroom A Boho Thrift Store Make-Over 27

Sprinkle your room with candle holders and crystals to lock in the hippy feel. You can also decorate your nightstand table or dresser top with clear vintage bottles, and fill them with fresh flowers, herbs, or even feathers!

A make-over can give your space new life, and make you feel entirely refreshed. Boho chic designs encourage relaxation and creativity. I absolutely love this look. Do you? Leave a comment below!

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