Belt or No Belt? 3 Easy Rules

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated October 18, 2019

If you’re into fashion, then you probably know that accessories can make or break an outfit. A belt can add color, create a waist line, or freshen up a dated look. But there are times when it’s better to leave this accessory out of the picture. Here are three easy rules to help you decide when to add a belt, and when to skip it. 

Rule #1: Wear a belt to direct attention

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Wear a belt if you want to draw attention to your waistline. The eye is drawn to details and bright colors. If you want to feature your waistline, hips, or midriff you can guide the eye there with a colorful or detailed belt. If you’d rather draw the eye up to the chest, neck, or face consider a flashy neckline, chunky necklace, or bold hat instead. 

Rule #2: If the clothing piece is built to go with a belt…wear one!

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Some clothing pieces are designed to be worn with a belt. Originally, they may have even been sold with an accompanying belt, but it got lost over the years. Look to see if there are obvious belt loops. If there are, you should wear a belt with the item, unless you plan on covering the loops up (as in wearing a long shirt that covers your waist).

Rule #3: Wear a belt to create contrast

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Break up a monochrome color scheme with a belt. If you find you’re wearing an outfit that contains colors that are all the same, you need to add a little bit of contrast! For an outfit that’s heavy on pastels, try a navy, black or brown belt. And if you’re wearing all dark colors, experiment with a bright or light belt. 

These three rules will help you figure out if a belt is going to help or hurt your outfit. The next time you put on a fun summer sundress, or your favorite faded vintage jeans, apply these rules and then decide if you need a belt or not. It’s good to have options to choose from, so keep your eye out for belts in different styles when browsing stores or the flea market! Do you tend to wear belts with your outfits, or are there other accessories that you like better? Drop a comment below, and share your thoughts! 


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