Dressing Like Little House on the Prairie for Broadway

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated January 29, 2020

A few episodes ago I styled Maddie Felix for the hot new show on Broadway: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!!

So what did I wear? Well, one thing’s for sure … it was totally vintage and it was totally awesome! Unless, of course, you don’t dig looking a bit like Little House on the Prairie …

Check the link below for more information on the show, and to grab tickets! And be sure to enter my giveaway to win your OWN vintage dress!

Happy watching!! Have a suggestion for an episode of SDV-TV? Please email me if interested in collaborating!

DRESS LIKE A CHARACTER FROM THE SHOW: https://sammydvintage.com/2010/10/bloody-bloody-andrew-jac…


Sammy D Loves … and says THANKS!

BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON: http://www.bloodybloodyandrewjackson.com/

STAGE-RUSH (guest appearance in this episode!): http://www.stage-rush.com/

K DESIGNS (designer of my necklace in this episode!): http://www.wix.com/kdesignsbyme/new-kdesigns-site

3 thoughts on “Dressing Like Little House on the Prairie for Broadway”

  1. Such fun! I am in love with your necklace!

  2. You have an amazing, captivating energy, Sammy D!

  3. Wow! You’re amazing! I watched the entire clip and enjoyed it very much. Now I’m off to see other SD-TV clips!


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