VIDEO: How to Thrift a Full Outfit Under $10

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated October 25, 2019

I ventured into a GOODWILL OUTLET to check out the $1.69 per pound finds to thrift shop an outfit under $10.

My goal? To thrift an entire outfit for under $10 for a blogger’s conference during NYC Fashion Week. Did I get the job done, and did I do it well? Let me know in the comments below!

Special thanks to the Goodwill Outlet of Long Island City for hosting Sammy Davis Vintage! Check out some of my finds from a previous visit to the thrift outlet store by clicking here!

Happy [Thrifty!] Thursday everyone!

xx, SD


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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to Thrift a Full Outfit Under $10”

  1. omg…we need a goodwill outlet in kentucky! I would probably be in the midst of that competitive crowd…lol!

  2. Those pants are so amazing!! This outfit came out great! I love it with the blazer shut, but I think the whole outfit looks best with that camel coat.


    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

  3. Thanks for sharing. I wish we had one in Georgia. Me and some friends may make a trip to South Carolina to their Outlet. I didn’t know if there would be good finds or not at the Outlet, but you definitely found them.

  4. Love the goodwill outlet! They call them the “bins” here in Austin. And the rush to get to the new stuff is called “the running of the bulls” =D. not necessary to participate in all that craziness though. Got a wonderful DVF wrap dress sunburst pattern, pristine! for less that 1.69 per pound. And my first snakeskin bag here too. Love it!

  5. I looooove the outlets. I’ve been to a few in various states while road tripping. Found some amazing vintage goodies. This was a great how-to video! That location looked empty, the ones I’ve been to are packed and hectic.


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