Be Stylishly Sustainable this Saturday: Host a Clothing Swap Party on National Swap Day

by Sammy in 2 Comments — Updated January 15, 2020


We all suffer through it. We all loathe it. We all let it … linger, like a New Year’s Resolution gone-bad or just plain ‘ole GONE.

What am I talking about? The dreaded annual closet clean-out — that time of the year when we all have to let go of a few things that have gone unworn, unused and as a result, are unwanted objects sucking up space in our minimal closet space.

The annual closet clean-out isn’t just a chore and a bore, but it can also be a grievance. We are forced to evaluate our style, our shapes and our sense of self. We may have put on some weight or transitioned to a new job. We may now have boyfriends and husbands or even children — realities of life’s progress that affect how we dress everyday and the pieces of material possessions we hold nearest and dearest.

I encourage you to grow with your clothes, and to feel relaxed knowing that there’s always a Swap Party around the corner to help breathe new life into your dying duds. At swap parties, you bring a few bags of your unwanted attire to donate to the cause of sustainable exchange. Then, you grab your own new finds that others’ no longer wanted, and they do the same with yours. Everyone goes home happy, either from release of “letting go” or the shopping ecstasy of getting something they like for practically free. The holidays just passed and we’re heading straight into the heart of winter. On Saturday, a venue near you — or maybe even yourself! — is hosting a swap party in honor of NATIONAL SWAP DAY so that you can make room in your closet for what you really love and wear for this season and the spring/summer months ahead.

I did a quick Google search to provide you with the best resources for finding a swap event near you this Saturday. Whether you live in the northeast like me, or hail from the south, mid west or maybe all the way other there on the west coast — there’s a swap-happy event just waiting to breathe new life into your clothes and to add some fresh flavor to your wardrobe, too.

As if I weren’t selling you on swapping enough: Take note that swap parties are sustainable style that’s SOCIAL! You have the chance to meet other progressive-minded ladies and gents who may become your new friends or at the very least, afternoon fashion comrades.

Happy swapping this Saturday, January 22nd, folks! I can’t wait to hear how you let go and how you gained on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments below. Because giving is receiving … and swapping? It’s just plain ‘ole sweet and SMART!

xx, SD


national swap day swapaholics


WHO: Swapaholics

WHERE: Arts at the Armory // 191 Highland Ave // Somerville, MA

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from 8 to 10PM


national swap day


WHO: Stop n’ Swap

WHERE: Inwood, Manhattan // S. 52 Cafeteria, 650 Academy St. b/t Broadway & Vermilyea

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from 11AM to 2PM



national swap day


WHO: Quarter Life Blog & Nana

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from 1PM – ?

WHERE: Nana // 3068 Mt. Pleasant Street, Washington, D.C.


national swap day


WHO: Fashion Night Out

WHERE: Eggspectations // 923 Ellsworth Drive // Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

WHEN: Friday, January 21st from 6PM – 8:30PM


national swap day atlanta, georgia


WHO: Fashion to Envy

WHERE: Nikki Darling Boutique // 227A Mitchell St. //Atlanta, Georgia 30303

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from 5PM – 8PM


national swap day


WHO: Frugal Fashionista

WHEN: Sunday, February 27th from 1PM – ?

WHERE: Franconia Governmental Center // 6121 Franconia Road // Alexandria, VA 22310


national swap day


WHO: Ruffian Swap

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from 4:30 – 7PM (Central Time)

WHERE: The Beach House // 124 Girod St. // Mandeville, LA 70448



national swap day


WHO: Peace Loves Swap Kids Clothing & Gear Swap

WHEN: Friday, January 28th from 6PM – ?

WHERE: The Bounce Spot // 2939 Promenade St. // West Sacramento, CA 95691



national swap dayPHOENIX!

WHO: Swap Phoenix

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd from Noon – ?

WHERE: Join meetup group for location




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Swap o’ Rama Rama


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Sammy Davis Vintage at Philly’s Fall Swap o’ Rama Rama Event!

2 thoughts on “Be Stylishly Sustainable this Saturday: Host a Clothing Swap Party on National Swap Day”

  1. Hi Sammy! thanks for giving peace. love. swap a shout out. We not only have the swap in Sacramento – but we also have a swap in Vacaville, CA on the 2/5; Roseville CA on 2/19; Natomas CA 2/20.. We also have swaps in Colorado, Southern California, Virginia & new locations are popping up every day. We help moms start their own successful swaps in cities across the US. : )

  2. Thanks Sammy for giving us a shot out on your blog!! The Atlanta swapnistas are so excited about #nationalswap day….the countdown to Saturday begins!


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