How to Wear Vintage for Fashion Week: Styling Session with Creative Cookie

by Sammy in 12 Comments — Updated January 29, 2020

womens vintage style outfit

It’s not everyday that you’re asked to style the host of a New York City fashion week event.

But for little ‘ole Sammy Davis Vintage — that day was Sunday, when the founder of the fashion blog Creative Cookie and host/event organizer behind tomorrow’s NYFW sustainable fashion event “Mind Over Matter” asked me to style her in vintage to shine in the spotlight at one of the week’s most attended and buzzed about events.

I love “trying” to trace back my relationships to their origins. As my world grows to include so much energy and positive influence from people new and old, I find it harder and harder — and also, less necessary! — to know how/where I met everyone I consider a friend, colleague or support.

Lesley is one of those people. I could say I met her at a party … but I don’t know which one. I could say a friend email introduced us … but which friend? Or maybe we met a bloggers conference, or just through the internet of tweeting/Facebook liking/ FourSquare check-ins and everything else digital inclined in the online social sphere.

But like I said, the origins of our relationship no longer matter. Because as people who live in the moment, we can embrace the relationship for what it is right now, and love our connection because it is continually fresh, continually inspiring, and always true, authentic and good.

I showed Lesley one of my new favorite East Village vintage stores — No Relation Vintage — and styled her in three distinct vintage fashion looks for the “Mind Over Matter” event at Greenhouse in NYC’s West Village. If you’re in Manhattan or a surrounding borough and want to participate in this year’s NYFW in a way that’s conscious and care-driven for the health & wealth of our planet & its people, then I highly suggest you RSVP for the event and stop by to introduce yourself to Lesley and the other stylishly sustainable ladies & gents attending. Oh, and wear vintage! [wink, wink!]

Keep reading after the jump to see how I styled Lesley in three vintage fashion outfits from No Relation Vintage … and for a bit of inspiration to kick off New York City Fashion Week!

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate a new season of fashion and an entire year of creative inspiration — and no matter where you live, because not everyone has access to this high-brow events! — I know that you’re out there thrifting, saving money, gaining style, and investing in fabulous vintage pieces.

That’s what fashion is all about: Reaching your highest creative potential. And thanks to a growing awareness about healthy, “slow” fashion [versus the fast fashion of H&Ms, Forever 21s, Charlotte Russes’ and the like] you can now elevate that potential farther by looking to second hand and vintage for a stylishly sustainable YOU.

And remember: Your creativity inspires ME! Always looking for a bit of inspiration, so shoot me a line on email, a holler on Facebook or a twitty tweet on Twitter!

xx, SD

THE EVENT: Mind Over Matter // Wednesday, Feb. 9th @ Greenhouse

sustainable fashion week event

THE HOST: Lesley Williams of Creative Cookie

lesley williams of creative cookie


womens vintage style outfit

VINTAGE STYLE LOOK #1: Sequins, Suede & Soft Knits

How to Wear Vintage for Fashion Week: Styling Session with Creative Cookie 2
womens vintage style outfit

VINTAGE STYLE LOOK #2: Suede, Fringe & Shine

womens vintage fashion suede skirt

womens vintage style outfit

VINTAGE STYLE LOOK #3: Glam Gone Blue!

womens vintage fashion outfit

womens vintage style outfit

Which look do you think Lesley should rock at Mind Over Matter? Let us know in the comments! xoxo

12 thoughts on “How to Wear Vintage for Fashion Week: Styling Session with Creative Cookie”

  1. I’m leaning towards the first outfit. I really like the colors and it looks great on her :-)

  2. Definitely #2! It’s sophisticated AND sassy, and it has a major cool factor. Plus, I think it looks best for her body type. And is there anything on earth better than fringe?

  3. Just found your awesome blog…can’t wait to pour over it this weekend when I’m off. Beautiful design, and it looks like an amazing resource.

  4. I love Vintage Style #1, Sequins and Suede, with the brown patterned skirt next to those great orange boots. Vintage Style #3, Glam Gone Blue, is a close second (but would need different tights).

    It helps to be young, slim, and cute, doesn’t it? Well, we must work with what we’ve got. Even though I’m 51 now and was NEVER that adorable, I can still use your inspiration to dress up my look and incorporate vintage without looking too costumey.

  5. Thanks for this fab post & styling savvy, SDV!

    Check the Creative Cookie blog ( on Thursday to see what I wore, if you can’t make it to the party, all:).

  6. I Think I like Sequins and Suede for the mind over matter event. They are all gorgeous of course but the Sequins and Suede seems to be the best suited for the event. Muuahhh!

  7. The Glam Gone Blue is the look that would make anyone stand out from the crowd! (and I imagine during an event like that, there will be a LOT of wonderful vintage creations around so you need to step it up a bit!)The fact that you actually kept the original striped leggins in the new look is a great representation of how you can combine the old and new to get a wonderful outfit. A proud slow fashionista that I am, thumbs up!

    • Hi Julie!

      So nice to have you here!! Yes, Lesley certainly stood out from the crowd, indeed! She had such a great bod so it was easy to make her look fab. As for you, Miss Slow Fashionista! A slow one is better than NOTHING! let me know if you ever have any questions and please say hi on Facebook. XO

      • Yes, I will definitely keep an eye on your posts!
        There is never enough of new inspiration in fashion, right?
        Keep it up!

        • We inspire one another! XO

  8. I love the mixing and matching of accessories, colors, textures. I think I’ve found some inspiration

    • Thank you for so many positive comments, it is such encouragement for me ;-)


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