How to Style 3 Thrifted DIY Halloween Costumes!

by Sammy in 4 Comments — Updated November 21, 2019

Hello and happy Monday everyone!!!

I’m so excited to share today’s video because I worked really hard to successfully thrift & design these 3 great DIY Halloween costumes, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy watching this video for inspirational DIY ideas of your own!

I decided to crate three completely different looks so that you could witness proof that you CAN take a few simple pieces and add easy touches to create a costume that’s unique, fun AND looks good.

The best part about these costumes? I can wear some of the pieces I thrifted AGAIN in my everyday wardrobe!

I’ve brainstormed lots more other easy DIY Halloween costume ideas that I wrote about last year — click here for 56 more last minute costumes you can pull together practically pain-free!

Keep reading after the jump to see photos of my final looks, plus more instructions on how you can duplicate the costumes for yourself this October 31st.

Like I said in this video, I love dressing up “in costume” with others because I feel that it inspires greater connection between us all.

By liberating ourselves from the constraints of the person we feel “expected to be,” and instead simply channel who we “want to be” in that moment, we’re more apt to converse and share ourselves with strangers or those who we may not normally communicate with.

I try to embody this motto of “shared style” with everyone I meet. It can be harder on days when I’m not feeling up for it, but on the days I feel a sense of self-love for whatever I’m wearing and the person I’m meeting in the moment, I feel more open and at ease simply being “me” and embracing whomever I encounter for “them.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s video, vintage fashion & thrift store style lovers! Please let me know what you thought by sending me a tweet, leaving a comment on Facebook or even just emailing me or leaving a comment on this very post!

It’s about two weeks away from Halloween and I know which of these costumes I’ll be rockin’ come All Hallows Eve … which one do YOU like best for me?!

lots of vintage love!

xx, SD


How to Style 3 Thrifted DIY Halloween Costumes! 2

morton salt girl halloween diy costume

THRIFTED: Liz Claiborne yellow raincoat & yellow Top Shop dress

PURCHASED: Canister of Morton Salt

FROM MY CLOSET: Leopard print galoshes & black umbrella

BORROWED: Blonde wig

TOTAL PIECES: 6 different elements


flower child diy costume

THRIFTED: Vintage babydoll mini dress

FROM MY CLOSET: Red boots, braided headpiece, heart necklace & rings

PURCHASED: Yellow flowers & 1 candle

DIY-ED: Hair garland & peace/love symbols on cheeks using lip/eye pencils

TOTAL PIECES: 2 pieces clothing + 3 accessories + 1 makeup ideas = 6 different elements


diy leopard halloween costume

diy leopard halloween costume

THRIFTED: Leopard print silk night slip

FROM MY CLOSET: Animal print boots & brown tights

PURCHASED: Nothing!!

DIY-ED: Leopard “rosette” spots on cheeks, arms & chest using brown eyeliner & black mascara + head turban using pair of leopard print tights

TOTAL PIECES: 3 clothing pieces + 1 DIY-ed piece + 1 makeup accessory = 5 different elements

4 thoughts on “How to Style 3 Thrifted DIY Halloween Costumes!”

  1. Cute! These are really great ideas for people in need of a costume. Also very inspiring, I wish I still needed a costume! lol! I really like the flower child 60’s look. That vintage babydoll mini dress is perfect!

  2. Loving your hair in this pic! And sending love from London! xo

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