My Favorite Reads: 14 Books to Live & Be Inspired By

by Sammy in Comment — Updated February 19, 2020

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In life we are never “fully developed.” We are who we are for a reason so divine that we need not seek to understand it.

But life throws curveballs and our minds become wrapped in the “who, what, where, when, why” behind it all. And so we can turn to leaders who have left legacies of words which assure, affirm and acknowledge our beautiful, perfect and complete selves.

Today I’m sharing my passion for reading books in the self-development sphere. My collection “Inspired Words to Live By” on eBay highlights 14 books written by my favorite leaders in the “self-help” field of New Age spiritual enlightenment.

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 Source: We Heart It

These materials are rooted in a deep understanding of who we are and where we come from, allowing us to “clear space” of the false beliefs, fears and hang-ups we adopt during our lifetimes. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Louise Hay and Esther & Jerry Hicks are some of my favorites in the space of “self.”

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my collection in this post so that you’d be inspired to go check out the rest in my collection on eBay! Visit the entire collection by clicking here.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite book you think I should read? Want to add another self-development book to this growing list?

Let me know by posting in the comments below, or by saying hi on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

with love, Sammy 

May Cause Miracles: A Breathtaking Look at Your Raw, Beautiful Self

may cause miracles

The Author: Gabrielle Bernstein

The Message: May Cause Miracles is a book of exercises and lessons in self-love that will have you crying, laughing and embracing all of yourself without fear, criticism or doubt.

Where to Buy: Find it on eBay for $8.99, and discover Gaby’s other books in my collection linked below!

Find it in my collection Inspiring Words to Live By on eBay now! 

The Power of Intention: My First Book in Self Development


The Author: Wayne Dyer

The Message: The Power of Intention was the first “self-development” book I experienced. I listened to it on my iPod when running, mixing mental motivation with physical exertion for a recipe of rockstar inspiration. 

Where to Buy: Find it on eBay for a mere $1!

Find it on my collection Inspiring Words to Live By on eBay now! 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: Principles for Peace and Prosperity

7 Spiritual Lwas CD

The Author: Deepak Chopra

The Message: We attempt to push, pull and “force” life into a guaranteed plan for success. But how would life be different if we let go and let God? Deepak tackles and translates these tough questions in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Where to Buy: Find it for $6.97 in my collection on eBay!

Find it in my collection Inspiring Words to Live By on eBay now! 

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