Essential Guide for a Classic Romance Wedding Theme

by Nicole in Comment — Updated July 15, 2020

As we approach Spring and the parameters of slightly warmer weather, brides across the globe are using the momentum to prepare for their big day. The most common request is for the big day to feel romantic. A reminder that this is more than just a wedding. This is a day to celebrate love. So here is my essential guide to planning a classic Romance theme for your big day!

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1. Find your Dream Wedding Venue

It takes most people several viewings of multiple venue types, locations and spaces to find their dream venue. It will be very rare that you find this right away. You may want to go for something different, out of the ordinary or maybe you want to go for a destination beach wedding. A place that’s fun and exciting. Costa Rica or Puerto Vallarta destination weddings are very popular if you’re looking for something like that. Not all your friends will likely be able to make it but that’s okay if you really want a wedding to remember. 

Once you’ve sorted out your venue, choose your wedding invitations as soon as you can! These will be expected to not only be stylish but represent your style as a couple.

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2. Flowers

The easiest way to set a romantic tone for your big day is by choosing the right type of florals to incorporate into your day and the right volume.

Roses or Peonies are the flowers of choice for creating a romantic ambience. Whites and Creams will create the fairy tale look you’re going for. An alternative to these two favourites is tulips. Tulips will still create the romantic look you’re going for but also allow you to add a little bit of creativity to your big day.

Remember; plan your budget well as flowers can be costly! One tip is to explore buying flowers that are in season already. This could end up saving you lots of money. Take steps to identify a good budget planner to help you prioritise costs and keep your costs down.

3. Candles

If you’re going for romance and incorporating candles, keep in mind that volume will play a big part in creating your overall look. The more candles the better! But check that your venue allows real candles and allows them to be lit! You can also include personalized candle labels to add an extra touch of cuteness to your candle. Consider having wedding insurance to cover any potential accidents or hazards lighting candles may cause.

Incorporate candles into your ceremony and also your reception venue to add romance and drama!

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4. Music

Your music will allow you to set the tone of your day. When you think of romance you think of love and yearning. Our greatest Rom-coms, historical love stories have included some heartbreak or pain of some sort. So think of songs that talk about overcoming obstacles for example. Your guests will relate and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. A great choice for your ceremony or First Dance is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Have a think about a love song that represents you both as a couple or tells your love story. Include your guests by explaining your choice of song and what it means to you both of you like. Your DJ or Host can do this for you if you’d rather not yourselves. Find songs you’ll love by streaming on Spotify.

5. Personalised Photos

It’s easy to feel like just another guest at a wedding. Particularly if it is a large wedding. Big or small, including personal touches for your guests will help them feel included in your event and your romantic theme. A great example would be to include personalized photos of yourselves around the room. In addition to this, a table or feature that has your favorite photos or memories of you and your guests is a great way of including them within your day and theme.

6. Bride and Groom: How we met speech

For most weddings, we’ve become accustomed to hearing the Father of the Bride, Best Man and Maid of Honour speeches. To add a romantic touch to your big day, consider planning to share the story of how you met. While your friends may know your story, it’s very possible that their plus ones and extended family won’t know how you met. Include them by sharing your story and journey together as a customer.

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7. Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a fast and growing trend within the UK. The table, based at the reception, allows the Bride and Groom to sit separately to immediate family at the wedding reception. The aim is not to isolate but to allow the couple to soak in the big day together and focus on their love for one another.

A sweetheart table is also a great idea if there are family politics at play and you don’t want this to hamper your big day. Think about it- you’ll be removed from any bickering or point scoring. It’s an opportunity to truly be present on your big day.

8. Thank your Guests

Essential Guide for a Classic Romance Wedding Theme 19While creating your romantic ambiance, remember to include a small message thanking your guests for celebrating with you on your big day! You can do this by adding some thank you stickers from StickerYou to your favors, and sharing memories of them on your big day or including them in your Thank You speeches. Your guests have invested in you as a couple (through love and time) and your big day (transportation, wedding gifts and wedding guest outfits) so a thank you goes a long way!

It’s important to remember that the tone of the day will be set by you! Focus on your story as a couple, your journey and include your guests along the way. Once you do this, incorporate your own personal style and the romantic touches highlighted above and voila, you’ll have met your objective!

Happy planning!

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