Five Modern Dating Rules Every Single Person Should Follow

by Sammy in Comment — Updated March 13, 2020

Dating rules and habits have significantly changed since the times your parents have been going on dates. Indeed, modern dating rules have little in common with those that have been fundamental even three or five years ago. So, if you want your first dates to grow into something serious, you need to know how to behave yourself. List is prepared by Ukraine dating agency Easy Date Now.

The following are 5 modern dating rules every single person should follow.

A Man Should Ask and Pay

Though modern women are much emancipated and are not afraid to ask a man out and even pay for dinner, the right of the first step should be given to a man. Yes, modern women a constantly fight for equal rights with men, but the latest surveys show that about 60% of ladies do not mind guys taking the lead. No matter how hard women are trying to demonstrate their independence, most are dreaming about dating a strong-minded man, who is not afraid to make the first step and take care of his lady.

The First Fifteen Minutes are Decisive

Relationship specialists claim that people understand whether or not there is any chemistry between them, during the first 15 minutes of their date. Otherwise speaking, if there is no any attraction between the two of you, going out on the second date is simply useless.

Be Honest

Honesty has always been and will always be a backbone of strong relationships. Being honest is really important and this statement is proven by one of the recent surveys during which 52% of the pollees answered they want to be honestly told when they are doing something wrong, talk about things their partner is not interested in, and so on. However, honesty should not be rude, so try to be polite and find the right words that will not hurt your date’s feelings.

No Sex on the First Date

More than 80 per cent of the surveyed singles agreed that sex is a taboo when it comes to the first date. If you have sex on the first date you might be not asked for the second one, as some people are more interested in sex, rather than in building relationships.

Spend Time with Your Friends

You should have mutual friends, so don’t hesitate introducing your date to your friends. According to the statistics, 35% of women and 50% of men do this within the first month of their relationships.

Although these recommendations are based on numerous surveys  and studies, they are definitely not a rule set in stone. Giving a universal rule on how to build strong relationship is impossible, but hopefully the listed above information will help you avoid a number of dating pitfalls.

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