25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated December 12, 2023

Gift giving is all about making someone else smile. The right gift is thoughtful and unique. Thrift stores are amazing places to find gifts, but you just have to know what you are looking for! Wandering around a thrift shop aimlessly will start to feel overwhelming. Instead, get inspired before you start, and head into the stores with a specific item in mind. Need some inspiration? Here are twenty-five gorgeous gift ideas. Each one is made with thrift-store goods!

1. Baking Kit 

25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items
Source: myblessedlife.net

Some old-fashioned cookie cutters made with tin or aluminum can date back to the 30’s. If you find a set while you are thrift shopping, snag them! They might be collectibles. Pair a set of sweet cookie cutters with a mason jar filled with the dry ingredients for sugar cookies. This gift will be sure to help your loved one travel down memory lane. Other ideas for your baking kit include rolling pins, mixing bowls, or vintage recipe books!

2. Gold Dipped Rose

25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items

What a beautiful and unique gift from 50thanniversarygiftideas.ca. Guaranteed to surprise and impress that special someone in your life. Perfect for an anniversary celebration or for an elegant and timeless way to express appreciation and love.

3. Silver Cake Server

25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items
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Have you ever passed on silver items because they appear tarnished? Lots of people do. Good news! You can polish worn silverware until it shines like new. Here’s how.

Take a glass casserole dish and cover it with aluminum foil, with the shiny side facing upwards. Spread the silverware out in the casserole dish. Next, mix together a few tablespoons of baking soda and boiling water, and pour the mixture into the dish, until everything is covered, and let it sit just like that for 60 seconds. Then wash with liquid dish soap, dry, and you are all done!

See how they shine! A cake server is a traditional gift to bring to a wedding, for a good reason. When the couple cuts into their anniversary cake with your server, they’ll remember that special day.

4. Picture in a Frame

25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Friends and family love to be reminded of the best times you’ve had together. Dig up an old photo from your stash, or print one out! We all have so many photos on our phones and computers. It feels so good to find your favorites and share them. Make-over a second hand frame by cleaning the glass, and covering the frame with paint, ribbons, fabric, or (my favorite) colorful tape.

5. Tea Cup Candle

25 Gorgeous Gift Ideas Made With Thrift Shop Items
Source: inhabitat.com

Single, dainty  teacups are easy to find in thrift stores. I love the idea of filling them with wax and a wick to turn them into beautiful gifts. You will need some wax (soy wax is best), wooden skewers, and a wick. Follow the tutorial that goes along with the image above. You will come out with a stunning little teacup candle.

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