How to Dress Like a Hipster [and Ditch a One-Night Stand Like One, Too]

by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 11, 2019

If you’re a New Yorker and you’re living in Brooklyn, you’re probably surrounded by them

No, they’re not rats, or cockroaches, or other New York vermin. Well, I guess some New Yorkers would group them with the aforementioned and dub them vermin. But not me. I’m too nice.

So what am I talking about? Hipsters.

You know the type I’m talking about. The ones on Bedford Avenue who work it like a runway, while paying $1,200 in rent for a railroad apartment and have a weekend allowance for thrift store & vintage wares [they’re some of my best customers!], cheap lager and free music shows.

I hate to um, “hate,” but it’s fun to make fun of hipsters. Almost as fun as making fun of the Jersey Shore — you can’t help but not really take them seriously, although to them … their reality is all too serious.

Anyway, I fought the hate, embraced the love, and welcomed Andrea & Brenna, founders of the hilarious [and dead-on accurate] blog Stuff Hipsters Hate, which actually does embrace hate. Or at least, the stuff-hipsters-hate-kind of hate.

I welcomed the all-things-hipster experts into the radio room at AOL’s Lemondrop, to talk all things hipster-lady style for summer. I got the lowdown on not just the 5 hottest hipster girl trends for summer ’10 [that they’d never admit were “trendy”], but the lowdown on um, getting low … and escaping without having to actually acknowledge said low moment. Don’t get what I mean? Look at this blog post’s title, and you’ll get the hint.

Anyway, visit Lemondrop for the full article and to watch/read other hilarious content. And oh! The ladies behind SHH wrote a book — on what else? — hipsters. It’s the new Preppy Handbook … only for um, really, really non-preps. Totally original and available on for pre-order now!

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