Gutter Lane Style: How to Look Feminine While Bowling

by Sammy in 6 Comments — Updated November 3, 2019

Happy Birthday to ME!

The birthday deal: Yesterday, March 16th – my 24th birthday – my roommate Jesse, the talent behind Stage Rush, surprised me with dinner, bowling, and cupcakes! at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl. I’d been wanting to go for-ev-er, and after mentioning it to him, he made the plans in secret. This is my official THANK YOU! to the best roomie ever.

While I didn’t know we were going bowling until we arrived, I had the sixth sense to wear something comfortable but still stylish. Jesse told me to look “hip, young, and fun.” Well, that’s how a guy would put it. But for me, it was about looking GOOD while feeling good, too. Enough said.

So what do you wear BOWLING, anyway? I think it’s one of those questions of the style-sphere that has never been officially answered … until now. I mean, those clown shoes that uh, look like clown shoes with just about anything. How the heck do you get around that?

My bowling outfit was a success last night … at least in gutter lane style. Jesse may have kicked my butt on the scoreboard, but I had some major style points for the evening.

Here’s how to get your bowling style score over 100 … in 5 different styles and frame results!

STRIKE: Wear something comfortable. This is the number one rule of bowling — you aren’t running, but you are moving. And you’re moving your entire body. So make sure your outfit gives you room to breathe. If you want to wear a dress, model it after mine: Short sleeves, wide skirt, and light, but form fitting material.

SPARE: Wear something colorful. You are in a dark bowling alley. You are drinking beer and throwing balls. You want to stand out in an atmosphere like this. I worked a red pair of tights for my bright style element. Try a headband, a scarf [which won’t get in the way of bowling] or even bring your own bright laces for those clown shoes!

1 PIN REMAINING: Add fun, free earrings like hoops or chandelier style. I didn’t wear any jewelry beyond my Twitter handle necklace. I wouldn’t advise wearing necklaces – they’ll just bounce on your skin when you’re throwing the ball. Same for bracelets – you may be too conscious of them and then the ball skews left and into the gutter! So the best jewelry advice for the bowling floor: earrings.

PINS REMAINING LEFT & RIGHT: Wear something with a pattern. I saw a lot of successful Gutter Lane Style last night – and the one common thread I noticed were the patterns. Bowling is a social sport, so let your prints speak social, too. I rocked a flower pattern, but go for those style points with color block tees, Picasso inspired prints, graphic tees or flower power patterns. Just don’t wear anything solid – or you may blend in with the color of your bowling ball!

CORNER CLIP: Cover your entire leg. Imagine this: Bowling shoes with shorts, or bowling shoes with leggings that reveal some skin around the ankles. Buzzzzzz, you’re OUT! Showing any skin alongside those flatties breaks your leg and creates an unflattering line. I wore red tights – not leggings. The tights flowed seamlessly into the shoe without skin breakage. If you’re going to wear pants, make ’em skinnies. Wide leg jeans will actually cover the shoe and a.) cause a distraction when taking steps toward throwing the ball and b.) entirely cover the shoe and make it appear as if you have no feet at all. Words to the wise: Full length tights or boot cut / skinny jeans are your best bets when forced to wear bowling footwear against your will.

The full Brooklyn Bowl recap in pictures below!

sammy davis vintage brooklyn bowl outfit

THE LOOK: Bowling for My Birthday

THE HEADBAND: Had it forever … rocking it for life! Added the white headband to complement the white collar of the dress, but ended up taking it off later in the evening to let my hair down!

THE NECKLACE: Twitter handle necklace, @sammyd22, Survival of the Hippest

THE DRESS: Sammy Davis Vintage meets Courtney Love meets 90s “My So Called Life” style!

THE TIGHTS: Marshals

THE SHOES: Deep discount from a department store in my hometown, brand Relativity, on sale for approximately $20! [Note: Get the sales AFTER Valentine’s Day!]

sammy davis vintage mod 60s coat

Plus, Sammy Davis Vintage 60s coat in Kermit-the-Frog Green!

THE COAT: Bought at Malena’s Vintage Boutique, 2006 in West Chester, PA

THE SCARF: Gift from the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference

sammy davis vintage bowling shoes

Note how the tights seamlessly flow into the shoe. Imagine some skin between the shoe and your tight. Not Gutter Lane pretty!

sammy davis vintage bowling at brooklyn bowl

And there I go! Bowwwwlllll!

jesse north and sammy davis eating cupcakes at brooklyn bowl

Jesse ordered cupcakes for me!

scoreboard at brooklyn bowl

And he also KICKED MY BUTT!

sammy davis vintage eating birthday cupcake at brooklyn bowl

So I just ate two cupcakes of the three. Nom nom nom.

Happy birthday fellow March babies!

Have a suggestion for Gutter Lane style? Leave it in the comments below! I’m looking for more bowling style advice … I plan to return to Brooklyn Bowl for sure!

6 thoughts on “Gutter Lane Style: How to Look Feminine While Bowling”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! At least you bowled in great style ;)

  2. You’re so cute, Sammy! Great bowling outfit. What a great bday idea, Jesse! Cupcakes an extra special touch!

  3. Aw, cute! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. So cute!! happy Birthday Miss Sammy D! You are a style icon and will continue to GROW your following in this very lucky year to come!

  5. Thank you everyone for the LOVE! xo

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