Introducing the Cast & Crew behind the SDV Fashion Show: @ Katwalk NYC, tomorrow, 5/20 7 to 9PM!

by Sammy in — 3 Comments — Updated May 19, 2010

One of the most important things I’ve learned since working SDV full time: I couldn’t do what I do without a little help from my friends.

Correction: My creative, talented, awe-inspiring friends, that is.

OK, so maybe I’m sucking up a little bit. But you can’t blame me. Without the volunteer efforts of SDV supporters, I wouldn’t be able to successfully do what I do.

Tomorrow night marks a milestone in the career of SDV. It was a little over six months ago that I hosted La Femme Fete with three other vendors. I co-organized the first ever, and until tomorrow, ONLY SDV fashion show. It was the first of many learning experiences that I’m grateful to have shared with talented models, makeup artists and stylists.

Six months later, my brand has grown and with it, so has my support base. It’s in this blog post that I want to thank some of that support base for making tomorrow evening’s fashion show and networking event possible — along with having the same vision for glow-in-the-dark body paint as me. I mean, really. When a girl wants to throw some body paint on her models, there’s bound to be some pushback. Nope. Not these creatives — they embraced, and are now living and breathing the dream-turned-reality tomorrow night.

If you haven’t registered yet, get on it! RSVP for some free drinks here or say a solid YES on Facebook. Networking and happy hour drinks kicks off at 7. I’ll be there selling my best pieces, schmoozing, sipping, and styling. And then standing back in awe as my support system does it’s beautiful, talented THANG!

Thank you to all for making tomorrow possible — can’t wait to see you at Katwalk!

Introducing the SDV models for tomorrow’s fashion show:

Meet Emmelie — a new addition to the SDV modeling team! How did I meet her? Why, TWITTER, of course! Who needs Model Mayhem when you can reach out to a community of followers by the hundreds?

Emmelie hails from the Bronx [what’s up, uptown!] and is a rising junior at Syracuse University. She rocks PR as her major, and loves fashion — so she’s pursuing a fashion certificate at the upstate NY, brrrr-cold school, too.

So glad to have her hotness heat up the Katwalk.

melissa cole

I met Melissa Cole through a network of powerful ladies — and that’s exactly what Melissa is, a beautiful and powerful force with a mission to help you and I understand how we can help the planet. She’s “Miss Earth” New York, a pageant winner and a television host. I’m so happy to have her model vintage — one of the most eco-friendly fashion options! Welcome to the team, Melissa!


Vanessa is a friend of the lovely food and dining blogger Alejandra Ramos at Always Order Dessert. Miss Ramos also answered my Twitter call out for models. Full disclosure: I’ve never had a Latina represent my brand before, so in pursuing diversity I made a call out for Latina models. Now I have both gorgeous Emmelie and Vanessa to add some realness to my brand. Cause real is substance!

laurel harris

Another uptown girl in the house! Laurel rocks the NYC life as a student and a working girl at a midtown restaurant. She came by for a fitting at my showroom before heading to work — which was after taking classes all day. Whew! Girls got energy and I’m excited for her to rock it Thursday night.


Sonya modeled for La Femme Fete — here she is in a classic SDV piece [sequins, duh!]. I emailed her to model again and she accepted without hesitation. It felt so good to know that my previous models were happy with the results of their volunteer efforts for my brand. I aim to please, and I know that Sonya will be  a crowd-pleaser with her fierce walk and of course, hair! [it’s amazing!]

Now for the stylists … all beautiful ladies who should be models themselves!


Aamira is the coolest mama with style. She’s here with her newborn, Heaven [and that she is!]. I met Aamira at my alma mater [Temple U!] and we’ve stayed in touch ever since good ole ’07, when I collaborated with her to help promote Dynasty Fashions, the modeling troupe she co-founded that lives on quite successfully today.

Aamira has an eye and a sense of organization that is just irreplaceable. I just feel SAFER knowing she’s around. Thank you, Aamira!


I couldn’t help but use this picture of stylist Sophia — it really shows just how deep her creative mind goes. Here she’s dressed for Halloween as a peacock. And did that girl ever dress like a peacock!

Sophia is finishing up a certificate at FIT, WHILE working a full time job [in NJ!] AND a second job on the weekends [also in NJ!] AND doing shoots/styling on the side to build her portfolio so she can make her way to London for grad school. Oh, and she blogs, too.

The girls got spunk — and I know she’ll be unleashing it full throttle for Thursday’s show.

Introducing the Cast & Crew behind the SDV Fashion Show: @ Katwalk NYC, tomorrow, 5/20 7 to 9PM! 3

I love how I met Tiffany — it was through a college professor [in advertising, to be exact] who email introduced us to because we were a.) both in NYC b.) both Temple U grads c.) I worked in magazines d.) Tiffany wanted to work in magazines

Well, we all know where my magazine career took me … LOL. But, Tiffany and I kept in touch because she opened her career secret to me: her hope that through hard work, she’d become a market editor for a magazine. We talked the trade and while I couldn’t do more than motivate the heck out of her, I recruited her for the first official SDV shoot last summer. Her styling and organization kicked butt, and she returned to the team for La Femme Fete and now for Katwalk NYC. Tiffany, lady, I owe you!

And we can’t forget about … the MAKEUP ARTISTS!

Introducing the Cast & Crew behind the SDV Fashion Show: @ Katwalk NYC, tomorrow, 5/20 7 to 9PM! 4

Tyshon has been such a blessing in my life. He’s single handedly managed to either do makeup for my shows/events/photoshoots individually, or he’s recruited friends from his cosmetology school in Connecticut [see Andrea below for an example!] to help by his side. I met Tyshon through a friend of Aamira’s [see Aamira in stylists above!] who knew Tyshon through HER friend Ciara … who I eventually would work with at the Fresh Prince of New York show!

PHEW! So many degrees of separation! Or wait … should that be “so little,” rather?

Well, that’s neither here nor there — what’s REALLY here is the fact that Tyshon is like the foundation of SDV [literally and figuratively]. Without him, my images and branding would not possess the strength that they do. Tyshon, I am forever grateful — and I still owe you that lunch!!!!


Thanks to Tyshon, I’ve recruited Andrea to the SDV makeup team! For tomorrow night’s show, Andrea is unveiling some truly awesome ideas … I told her that SDV is her blank canvas, and to do with it what she pleases!

Andrea, like Tyshon, is professionally trained and well established in the field. I’m so blessed to have her volunteer her time and talents. Thank you, Andrea!

So there you have it, folks. A whole lotta gratitude and a whole lotta greatness, too.

Hope you’ll check it all out at Cozy Connections tomorrow — the SDV fashion show & fashion networking event. Can’t make it? No worries — thanks to the blessings of a great support group, there are plenty more where this came from.

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  1. Oh, Sammy, thank you!! I am so excited and inspired to be working with you and the team. It feels great to be in the company of you and women with such great passion, talent and entrepreneurial drive. I am proud to be a part of it all! And of course I hope to have you on my show soon!!

  2. Woohoo!! These girls are gorgeous! (And yes, I’m biased because I think my girl Miss Rubio is a total star!). xoxo and congrats to all. Break a leg, ladies!!

  3. I was at the event tonight at Catwalk. You guys did an amazing job. I love that purple sequin dress.


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