How to Take a “Thriftcation” [or Visit the Bronx for Your Next Thrifting Experience]

by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 14, 2019

Sammy D TV // Episode 13 // How to Take a “Thriftcation” from Sammy Davis on Vimeo.

Today I visited the Bronx — and it inspired me to inspire YOU. It’s not everyday that I go to the Bronx. Or really, ANY day, for that matter.

It didn’t even cost me a dang toll to get the Bronx. And so, with summer fast approaching and the economy still calling for “staycations,” I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and coin my own pleasurable pursuit: “thriftcation.”

How to thriftcation? Whether it’s a visit to the Bronx or a neighboring town or a ‘hood you’ve always wanted to explore … your next travels aren’t too far away, and won’t cost you more time or money than an afternoon trip to the mall.

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