How to Wear Stonewash Denim Jeans

by Sammy in Comment — Updated November 16, 2019

Oh, stonewash denim. How I freakin’-love-thee.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now. “Stonewash denim?! Are you seriously wearing that crap jeans wash from the 90s, Sammy?!!?”

Yeah, I am. And guess what? By the looks of this pair of stonewash denim jeans at Forever 21 … you probably will [or already are] soon. ‘Nuff said.

I wore this get-up to a fashion show with good friend and fellow Temple alumna, Ciara Walker. We checked out the show for business reasons. Ciara & I are co-producing a fashion show for the soon-to-happen-fabulous-25th-birthday-fundraiser-90s-themed-bash, The Fresh Prince of New York. Who’s birthday/fundraiser/90s-extravaganza is this? Why, the amazing Derrick Sabater’s! [click for VIDEO!]

But besides all that, the fashion show was crap [but NOT like my stonewash denim, dangit!], and we decided not to go with the troupe we were checking out on the fashion show scene.

Modeling troupe successful? Na.

Stonewash denim successful? Absolutely!

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THE LOOK: Stonewash Denim Stylin’

THE JACKET: 1980s, compliments of Mama D

THE SHIRT: Topshop, London/Oxford Circus store

THE EARRINGS: Thanks, Mama D!

THE BRACELET: Also thanks, Mama D!

THE BEADED BELT: This was actually a necklace, obtained from Sammy D Sunshine Cleaning. Didn’t dig it as a necklace, but really dug it as a belt, because it’s black/gold beads were just what I needed to pull together the gold & black jacket with the bracelet.

THE DENIM [!!!]: Sammy Davis Vintage Collection [obtained from a Salvation Army in a small town known as Lebanon, PA]

THE BOOTS: Nine West

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