I Don’t Let the Fact That I Can’t Be Perfect Stop Me from Doing My Best – Lipstick Affirmations Day 16

by Sammy in Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

In today’s video I discuss why we shouldn’t “let the fact that we can’t be perfect stop us from doing our best.” May we THROW AWAY the “perfection paralysis” disease!

This is a line from “I’m Innocent,” by Murs. You can check out his music on his site here.

Today’s Lipstick Affirmations video was inspired by last week’s affirmation, “I don’t let the fact that I can’t be perfect stop me from doing my best” here.

NEWS! The affirmation “I let go of the need to be perfect today” will be the FIRST affirmation printed on The Affirmation Tote!

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