Vintage Cowboy Boots: How to Wear Vintage Shoes for Men

by Sammy in Comment — Updated January 8, 2020

My Dad was sort of a free-spirit/individual/hippie/forward-thinker for his day.

The man came from a blue-blood family following the standard American traditions so characteristic of the 50s and 60s: family cars, family meals, weekly family church visits, a family dog, a family business, and a family um, everything.

My father, now 58 years old, grew up in the middle of what was the dawn of the family-oriented suburban lifestyle. Not that generations before didn’t care about family. But post World War II, family was a marketable commodity. Housewives were sold everything from cleaning supplies to food, shelter, transportation, clothing, etc. to help raise and support “the family.”

Health insurance was for “the family.”

Fathers went to work to help bring the bacon home to “the family.”

What I’m trying to say is, the country ran on family values and a family-security-rules-all-priority.

There wasn’t a lot of room for individuality.

But then there was my father.

The “first” wear bell bottoms in Lancaster [or so he says].

The “first” to befriend a Jewish boy in the neighborhood and persuade the local YMCA to let him swim on the team [true story].

The “first” to see Jimi Hendrix perform live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

And what defined his suburban rebellion the most, the “first” to go away to college nearly 3,000 miles away at University of Arizona in Phoenix [he also applied to Duke, University of Puerto Rico & University of Hawaii, true stories].

My Dad was a man of his own ways. He still is, and I freakin’ love him for it.

So, when my Dad handed me a Thanksgiving gift – his late 60s/early 70s cowboy boots [see pics below], I wasn’t surprised to hear that this hippie/free spirit/outspoken-individual-of-his-time stole them from the set of a Western flick he worked on as an extra during college [I swear to you, also a true story].

The boots are a men’s size 10, women’s size 8.5. That means my women’s size 10 feet can’t fit into them. Boo. But not boo for the customers of SDV.

What it does mean: Sammy Davis Vintage has another piece to her collection that tells a story, maintains a style, and fulfills the pursuit of individuality through vintage fashion.

Dad, thanks for your genes. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be the pioneer I am today.

Vintage Cowboy Boots: How to Wear Vintage Shoes for Men 9

There they are!

Vintage Cowboy Boots: How to Wear Vintage Shoes for Men 11

Label says “Crown boot company.” The other side of the boot says “RD.” No idea what that means.

Vintage Cowboy Boots: How to Wear Vintage Shoes for Men 13

Google results for “Crown Boot Company” couldn’t isolate a history for me.

Vintage Cowboy Boots: How to Wear Vintage Shoes for Men 15

More than 50 years old, and look at the sole of these boots. Nearly mint condition.

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  1. I’ve got a pair of Crown Cowboy boots they are stamped #52. I have no clue what that means.There also stamped with the RD WISH I COULD GET INFO ON THEM.


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