Modern Meets Vintage Wedding Ideas

by Kacey Bradley in , , Comment — Updated September 15, 2023

There are tons of different wedding styles to browse through while you’re thinking about what your own event will look like. Since weddings have been happening for centuries, there are tons of traditions and fads to choose from, but why not have a mix?

You’ll have to learn how to make quick decisions for your wedding, but take your time when you’re deciding between something more modern or something that’s vintage. Each one will add a different flair that might make that part of your wedding perfect.

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Check out these wedding ideas where modern wedding styles meet vintage alternatives. See which ones you like better and what might work best for your wedding.

What You Should Wear

How you dress for your wedding is surrounded by tradition, but only if you choose to participate. Go modern or vintage by thinking about the following styles.

Modern Wedding Dresses

The latest wedding dress trends fresh off the runway feature elements like plunging necklines, lots of tulle and shoulders for days. The idea is to find a dress that looks sleek and picture-perfect so that you’ll wow people who look at it on your wedding day as well as those who see it in wedding photo books later on.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

How To Look And Feel Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Depending on the year, a vintage wedding dress could include elements such as:

  • 70’s-style beading
  • 20’s art deco beading and jewel designs
  • 40’s tea-length hems

Before you buy a vintage wedding dress, learn which era it’s from and what style you’re wearing. Take some time to look over vintage dress styles to see what dress features are the best for you and when your wedding will take place.

What You Should Eat

By the time your ceremony is over, you and your guests will be ready to chow down. Here are some foods you can serve that will please any crowd.

Modern Wedding Food

Popular wedding foods are a little more laid back. They’re the barbecue buffets, the chicken and waffle meals and the vegetarian entrees.

Vintage Wedding Food

In decades past, weddings served home-cooked meals for everyone to eat. Mashed potatoes, pot roast, deviled eggs and soups were all popular options that most people enjoyed.

Where You Should Exchange Vows

Deciding where you’ll get married is a big deal, so choose from a variety of venues that span the ages.

Modern Wedding Venues

Weddings can happen almost anywhere now. Some popular places tend to be:

Most places are willing to rent out for weddings as an extra way to earn money, which is why you can find a venue in nearly any location.

Vintage Wedding Venues

Back in the day, weddings tended to be much smaller and intimate. Couples got married in their churches, their backyards or even a nearby farm. Anything besides a church should have a rustic vibe for a vintage wedding.

How You Should Get There

Getting to and from your wedding means you’ll need transportation, so treat it like the special event it is and leave your car at home.

Modern Wedding Transportation

To keep the wedding party together, brides often book a charter bus for their big day. It will pick guests up, shuttle them to photo sites and have everyone moved from the ceremony to the reception on time.

Vintage Wedding Transportation

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Back in the day, brides were often driven to their wedding by the person walking them down the aisle. Family cars were frequently the only option — look into vintage cars that can be rented or borrowed for your wedding day. Cars are considered vintage after 50 years.

How to Leave in Style

Don’t leave without saying goodbye to all your guests by having a wedding send-off at the end of your reception.

Modern Wedding Send-Offs

Modern brides get super creative with how they do their send-offs. You might try a send-off where guests:

  • Release lanterns
  • Blow bubbles
  • Toss confetti

Anything from streamers to flower petals is fair game in modern wedding send-offs.

Vintage Wedding Send-Offs

Traditionally, people tossed rice over married couples leaving their wedding. It was meant to symbolize prosperity, fertility and good luck. It’s also budget-friendly and safe for the environment, which may be what makes this vintage tradition more appealing.

Mix and Match

You don’t have to do only one or the other when it comes to modern and vintage wedding styles. Mixing and matching them will make your wedding more personal and special, which is exactly how your big day should feel.

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  1. My daughter loves the idea of using some different and unique ideas during her wedding so that it’s unforgettable. She loves the look of the 70’s style dresses that had the beads on them so we will try to find something like that. We need to nail down a venue soon as well so that should be the next thing that we try to do.


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