3 Music-Inspired Vintage Looks You Can Try Today

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

Retro looks are always interesting to explore. Timeless pieces paired with the right accessories can create an endless combination of looks for multiple occasions. The fact that you can now shop for the best vintage fashion items more easily, both online and offline, makes exploring vintage looks even more exciting.

In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the music-inspired vintage looks that work really well today. Here are the top three looks you can try with fashion pieces and accessories that are easy to get. You can also check out 30 Vintage Looks To Bring Back This Summer From The ’50s to ’90s.

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90s Hip-Hop

You can never go wrong with looks from the 90s hip-hop era. They are simple and easy to apply, plus you probably already have most of the fashion pieces you need to construct different looks that draw inspiration from the period.

10 Historic Photos Of Famous Places

A pair of baggy jeans and a matching pair of fashion kicks are often all that you need to create a look that screams hip-hop. You may be tempted to wear skinny or fitted jeans to stay in tune with today’s trends, but a baggy pair of jeans works much better in creating that 90s look.

10 Historic Photos Of Famous Places

You can also go a couple of sizes bigger in tops. Pair a comfortable tank with plus-size boyfriend shirt or a varsity jacket. Don’t hesitate to mix and match colors too, because 90s hip-hop was all about colorful rhymes and catchy beats. Alternatively, you can go monochrome by wearing all white or all black.

70s Disco

The 70s were all about disco. Over the years, disco fashion has made several comebacks and created new trends. However, you can’t beat a retro disco look, especially for casual evening occasions and semi-formal parties.

A friend of mine pointed out how the jumpsuit – usually in gold or silver – is the highlight of 70s disco fashion. She also mentioned the strong influence of disco in modern music and music education, a fact that is apparent as she tries to earn an online MME degree.

10 Historic Photos Of Famous Places

Aside from a striking, body-hugging jumpsuit, you can also construct a 70s disco look by combining disco pants and a simple top. Go ahead and show off your beautiful shoulders by wearing a halter top, or pair the disco pants with a bustier for an even sexier look.

60s Rock

We can’t talk about music-inspired fashion without talking about the 60s. It was the era of rock and pop music, with stars such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones creating hysteria everywhere. It was also the era of mini dresses and short skirts.

10 Historic Photos Of Famous Places

Creating a 60s vintage look is actually easier than you think. You only need two things: a mini dress and lots of colors. You can combine a simple mini dress with a scarf and a cute hat, add a pair of ankle boots or high heels, and you are all set for a lovely day out with friends. 10 Historic Photos Of Famous Places

Which of these music-inspired looks do you like the most? Do you have your own ideas on vintage looks inspired by the music from different eras? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. Know what vintage dress fits your body type here How To Find The Right Vintage Dress Styles For Your Body Type.


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