Blogger’s Closet Raid Recap!

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated November 21, 2019

the coveted bloggers closet raid
Hello and happy Tuesday, everybody!

I know I gushed about it in yesterday’s post … but I had SUCH a good time being that crazy-hyper vintage girl at the Blogger’s Closet Raid as sponsored by Lyst [check them out — seriously awesome site to curate your favorite fashion!] this past weekend, that when event organizer The Coveted emailed me pictures from the event, I couldn’t NOT share them with you all here today!

I felt so honored to be rubbing elbows with iconic style bloggers selling their “closets” at the Saturday event, like Keiko Lynn, Lovely Wanderlust, Tineey, Holier Than NowGrease & Glamour, Nitrolicious, The Coveted and the designers behind Edun!

The Tribeca Grand Hotel was the perfect setting for a sale like this … the prices were flea market friendly, but there was actually a NICE bathroom to try on your potential purchases! Oh, the luxuries of NYC …. ;-)

So anyway, vintage lovers, I wanted to share these pictures with you thank to photographer extraordinaire Nando Alvarez and the Independent Fashion Bloggers so that you could re-live the day and also, to digitally meet & greet other Big Apple-based fashion bloggers who share their personal style to inspire!

Keep reading after the jump for the complete recap!

Huge thanks again to everyone who came out to shop vintage  with me on Saturday — I have big ideas for future meet-ups … stay tuned, and never stop spreading that vintage love <3

xx, SD


the coveted bloggers closet raid



the coveted bloggers closet raid

That’s me in an ’80s floral blazer chatting up some Sammy Davis Vintage customers & vintage lovers. This blazer was SO on trend that it was bought literally OFF MY BACK.

Note the picture of me at the bottom of this post … sans blazer!


the coveted bloggers closet raid

The sequin shawl, two pairs of gloves and both belts … SOLD!


the coveted bloggers closet raid

One of my style commandments: Thou must owe a vintage scarf!


the coveted bloggers closet raid

Huge thanks to Jennine of The Coveted for waving her magic wand (and putting in a lot of hard work!) to make this sale happen.

And thanks to LYST, a brand-new site that allows you to follow friends and style influencers a la a Tumblr model to see what they’re liking in fashion on the world wide web!


the coveted bloggers closet raid

I met Nubia of Nubia Nonsense (right) … after tweeting, instagraming and Facebooking the heck out of her! Wendy of Nitrolicious, who I met for the first time Saturday and according to her blog, is currently hanging out in Rhode Island for fun fashion events!

We became instant friends in the flesh, thanks to our mutual love of leopard, Queens, graffiti, comics, pop art and yes … door knocker earrings ;-)

the coveted bloggers closet raid

Anne of HOLIER THAN NOW! We are two sisters-from-another-mother, I swear!

This lady has her pulse on the trends (and is a kick-butt digital collage illustrator) and I can’t wait to get to know her better as we embark on a soon-to-come “thrifting adventure” in New Jersey!

the coveted bloggers closet raid

Jinna of Grease & Glamour … who had a VERY special place in her heart for vintage. She was showing me a sequins dress that she had altered herself. Inspiration!

bloggers raid event

Keiko of Keiko Lynn wearing none other than … SEQUINS!

Keiko and I have crossed paths many times, but we’d never had a chance to converse more than a few sentences until Saturday’s event. I love Keiko’s laid back vibe but intense, focused understanding of her personal style and how to inspire others with it.

bloggers raid event

I didn’t get a chance to chat with Emily & Abigal of Lovely Wanderlust as much as I’d wanted to … because I was so riveted with their style!

That skull dress = so my next vintage find!

bloggers raid event

Unfortunately I didn’t catch her name and I don’t it miscredit her, but this image represents EDUN, an amazing line of clothing made in Africa.

The design company was co-founded by none other than BONO (yeah, we all know who that is!) and promotes the idea of fair trade with countries not normally involved in the fashion industry.

bloggers raid event

Nubia with friend and AMAZING hair bow designer Mary of Gla-MAR-ous!

the coveted bloggers closet raid

Oh that girl up there? That’s just Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage ;-)

the coveted bloggers closet raid


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  1. Great wrap-up Sammy!! Thanks so much for being part of our event, you brought a great energy (and of course style) to the sale! I had no idea you LITERALLY sold the blazer off your back– a true saleswoman!! Can’t wait to work again together soon!

    PS the lovely lady from Edun is Ali! :)

  2. It was so great meeting you at the event, Sammy! You are totally inspiring :)

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