Calling the 215!!! Visit Me as a Featured Stylist @ Philly Swap 2010

by Sammy in Comment — Updated January 12, 2024

Calling the 215!!! Visit Me as a Featured Stylist @ Philly Swap 2010 3

I have some seriously EXCITING news!

I’m going to be a featured stylist at the 3rd annual Philly Swap event, brought to you by the one and only Swap O Rama RAMA!, this Sunday, October 3rd at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Right by the corporate headquarters for Urban Outfitters!

I went to school in Philadelphia, so I hold the city [and it’s area code, 215] near and dear to my heart. I’m super stoked to visit what I consider my “hometown” to work as a featured stylist/consultant/inspiration/swap enthusiast at this event. I’ll be hanging out at the event all day, which kicks off at noon and wraps up at 5PM.

But you’re probably asking right now, “But Sammy, what the heck IS a swap event?!” Allow me to give you the 411 on this fantastic chance to discover how one person’s trash can be your uber stylish ticket to FREE fall-and-beyond wardrobe.

Calling the 215!!! Visit Me as a Featured Stylist @ Philly Swap 2010 4

A swap event is like shopping a stranger’s closet for free. The idea is that we all have a lot of unwanted or unworn pieces in our wardrobes, lonesome on a hanger in the corner of our closets or collecting dust in our drawers. The truth is: If you aren’t wearing it now, the chances that you’ll wear it sometime in the near future are pretty slim. So admit to yourself that you’re in need of a closet clean out [admitting is the hardest, but most fulfilling, step!] and get to work finding those unwanted and unworn items for donation to the sake of a “Swap.

Once at the swap, you drop off your bag of goodies for the volunteers to organize among the racks on the main floor. From there, you’re welcomed into the stockpile of what is OTHER people’s clothing available for you to take and give a happy home in your own closet — for FREE! You’re at liberty to browse, examine, critique, try-on … whatever! And then take what it is that you want from other people’s unwanted apparel.

See what I mean when I say you’ll be “shopping a stranger’s closet?” It’s the most risk, cost and embarrassment-free way to try out a new pattern or cut, or just to grab something you’d NEVER buy in the store but heck, why not try it out if it’s unloved by someone else? It’s like fashion karma: give away what you don’t want, and you will receive back what you do. Plus, you’re taking advantage of what I call “healthy fashion” — investing in pieces with the planet in mind. By donating and then shopping at swap event, you’re essentially recycling clothing that would otherwise be rotting in a landfill. It’s investing in your own sustainable style without investing in costly eco-conscious pieces.

I’m going to be at the event mingling between the racks to help swap shoppers find the looks they’ll look and feel great in — cause that’s my mission! I can’t wait to shop for others and make new friends … and *hopefully* find some sweet vintage scores for myself along the way. I’ll even have my friend and editor Chris on hand to film all the action! It’s going to be a great day and I hope that if you’re local to the 215, that you’ll stop by and get your swap AND Sammy Davis Vintage on.

Oh, and just one pointer if you’re donating … no underwear, please ;-)

Other awesome perks going down at the Philly Swap October 3rd!
Over 10+ silk screening stations — Take a plain ole’ swapped tee and have it personalized with your own imaginative design!
Creative workshops and demonstrations — Inspiration on how to reuse, reduce & recycle!
On-hand stylists — That’s ME!
Sewing alteration stations — Want a dress but it’s too long? Get your new duds altered … for free!
Educational topic-specific talks — Learn new STUFF!
Art exhibition — See new STUFF!
Café will have food and beverages available for purchase — Eat yummy STUFF!
Live entertainment — Hear awesome STUFF!
Portion of your ticket cost is donated to a local charity — Donate — THAT’S GOOD STUFF!
Free parking and shuttle from Broad Street Line — Easy Peezy Transportation

Click here for the entry tickets and to learn more about the event. If you want to mingle in VIP with me, make sure you select the VIP tix which cost a bit more than regular entry fee.

I know it stinks to pay to attend an event, but think about the value of the style that you’re going to create a home for in your closet, and then have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?!”

I think the ticket price is worth it just to say,

“Yo, I swapped it!”


xx, SD

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