5 Retro Items That Are Cool Once More

by Sammy in 2 Comments — Updated January 29, 2024

5 Retro Items That Are Cool Once More

You’ve probably heard the saying “Everything old is new again” once or twice in your life, but what does it really mean? We all know that trends come and go and, these days, it seems that the trends come so fast that it can be next to impossible to keep up with all of them.

This might be one of the reasons that there has been a resurgence of all things vintage as of late. Television shows highlight the retro treasures that some people just have lying around in their homes, and many of these things are not just cool — some of them are quite valuable, as well. 

If you’re one of those people who are ready to jump on the vintage, horse-drawn bandwagon, take a look at some of these items that are all the rage right now, even if you thought you might never see some of them again.

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Typewriters always seemed to be extremely laborious. The manual ones really required a great deal of physical effort, and the electric ones that followed them weren’t much better. With the advent of word processors in the 1980s, it seemed that typewriters were destined for that useless machine graveyard that must exist somewhere.

However, typewriters have recently come back into fashion. Sure, some people hollow them out and use them as planters, but even more people are using them for their intended purpose. Love letters, song lyrics, novels, and more are now being churned out on old-fashioned typewriters, and the results are glorious. A computer printer just can’t duplicate the beautifully flawed results of an old typewriter.

Manual Cameras and Film

When digital cameras first became available to the masses, everyone thought that film was a thing of the past, and it almost was. The expense of film processing was something that the average consumer was happy to leave behind as they rapidly filled memory cards with thousands of photos. Canisters of 35mm film were tucked into cupboards, never to be seen again. Or so we thought.

However, many photographers, both amateur and professional, are returning to the world of manual cameras and film in droves. Old cameras like the Brownie are extremely popular as the photos that they produce look like the best of Instagram, only with film. Who knew?

Camera bodies and lenses are very easy to find at antique stores, estate sales, and online. Why not try your hand at some old fashioned photography?

Paper Checks

Yeah, we all have them. When you open a bank account you get the box of checks in the mail and promptly put them in a drawer and check your wallet to be sure your debit card is there, all the while wondering who even uses checks anymore. But should you really just dismiss those checks outright?

Checks are very useful and can end up saving you money from time to time. For instance, some small businesses don’t want to pay the fees associated with accepting cards, but they’ll gladly take your check. That day when you find that cool Brownie camera in an antique shop that doesn’t accept cards will certainly come, so be sure that you have your checkbook at the ready.

Checks also come in really cool colors and funky designs. Buy new checks and really let your personality stand out.


We all know that one guy. The one who eschews everything modern and raves about the way that everything sounds better on vinyl. Fortunately for him, he’s no longer in the minority. These days it seems that everyone is running out to buy a turntable, or quietly dusting off the one they’ve had since high school.

The resurgence of turntables has become so popular that many record labels are now living up to their names and releasing actual records again! This is a boon for the music industry and the music lover. The sound really does sound pretty great on vinyl, whether you’re a DJ or not, , and nowadays it’s easy to find record players for sale.


Our modern world is about making things easier, and this is especially true when you think about luggage. We now have wheeled, titanium reinforced, almost magic luggage that makes us feel as if we’re toting nothing at all when we travel. But where’s the fun in that?

Vintage luggage is seeing a renewed popularity. Yes, it’s a little heavy and awkward, but it offers so much character as well as a place to pack your stuff. You’ll also never wonder which black roller bag is yours when you stare at the hundreds of them on the baggage carousel. Yours is the one with personality and all the cool, old travel stickers.

Of course there are many, many other old items and trends that are hot right now, but these are just a few. So head out to your local flea market, order some fancy checks, and take your film to be developed because it’s true; everything old is new again.

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  2. Great post! I completely agree that retro items are making a comeback and it’s so exciting to see. I recently came across a vintage store in my neighborhood and I’ve been in love with all the unique pieces they have. The way you’ve curated this post with different categories is so helpful, thank you for sharing!


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