The History of (Vintage) Sapphire Rings

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated December 5, 2019

Here is something I’ve been learning about Sapphire wedding rings and Sapphires in general.

They’re gemstones that have been set in engagement ring throughout history. Many ladies love and appreciate them over a diamond for its unique color and look. Today of of the most popular rings are the vintage sapphire rings.

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The History of (Vintage) Sapphire Rings 7

Color, Cut and Clarity

The most popular are the blue stone is considered one of the “Big Four” precious stones with the other three being diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The reason behind this is on the Mohs scale this gemstone rates in hardness right below the diamond that is a ten with sapphires coming in at a nine.

Sapphires actually come in many colors with the blue being the richest of the colors. You may think this color makes the perfect vintage sapphire rings. The perfect gemstone is cornflower blue without colors of black, gray or green within the stone.

The cut isn’t as important like with diamonds because it does not show the same to the naked eye like a diamond’s facets. Though the oval cut has an heirloom appeal and the round bezel setting has a more modern appeal when you buy this kind of ring it will depend on your style choice. These gemstones have a quality grading like others, but it isn’t as important as it would be for a diamond as long as there is no darkness that can make the stone look cloudy.

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The History of Engagement Rings and Sapphires

The gemstone first grew in popularity in the 13th century in 1215, after Pope Innocent III made a mandatory waiting period to marry. The belief was if an impure or unfaithful person wore the betrothal ring the stone’s color would fade. Some historical accounts tell that wives of Crusaders were tested with sapphire rings when their husbands returned from the campaigns.

Between the 14th and 15th-century the rings became popular for royal and wealthy families. Though diamonds, rubies, and emeralds were available these people favored sapphires. They believed the stones symbolized truth, romantic love and commitment. During the 18th and 19th centuries, diamonds flooded the market which only made sapphires more desirable as a more rare stone.

In the Victorian era, sapphire rings could be simple or elegant and often made using yellow or rose gold. They used stones to spell out a message or name with the blue gems standing for the letter S. In some countries it was believed the rings had medicinal and protective powers and symbolized wisdom. In some cases, kings wore rings with the gemstone you may be considering when they signed treaties.

Throughout history, this is sapphire engagement rings that have been popular with one of the most famous owners of the gemstone was Princess Diana.

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