Style & Substance Profiles: How to Work Vintage into Your Wardrobe [Vol. 2!]

by Sammy in Comment — Updated April 13, 2020

A few weeks ago, I did a highly successful and seriously FUN post highlighting the contemporary looks of SDV customers wearing SD Vintage!

It was so well received that I’ve vowed to make it a semi-seasonal occurrence. So when you grab some SDV at a showroom sale, a special event or when I’m selling at a market — be sure to grab a pic of you wearing it, too! Send it my way and you’ll find yourself a spot o’ fame in the next recap post.

Now, onto the content at hand! You sent me some gorgeous images of you wearing SDV. Read on to learn more about the woman behind the piece — I think you’ll find her story is just as stylish [and chock full of substance!] as the SDV piece itself.

brooke in sdv

The SDV fan: Brooke Mooreland

Her Style: Some major BC — Boho Color! Love this long, empire waist 70s dress and its incredible colors and pleated cut. Good choice Brooke!

Her Substance: She is the founder of, the go-to site for uploading style pics and getting immediate feedback from an active, awesome community of fellow fashionistas & fashionistos

Style & Substance Profiles: How to Work Vintage into Your Wardrobe [Vol. 2!] 3

The SDV Fan: Elysia Mann

Her Style: Yellow shorts? A dead giveaway for funky summer fun. Love the tongue, Elysia!

Her Substance: This blogger/fashion site intern/college student is a go-anywhere, do-anything type of girl. She blogs regularly for her site [what a great URL!] and is currently interning at fashion sites all around the manic city of Manhattan. When she finishes up her summer stints, she’ll return to the world of academia as a sophomore at Penn State University. Elysia is a 19-year-old youngin’ is on the MOVE!

She was also recently featured in USA Today. Go Elysia!

meg wearing jordache skirt

The SDV Fan: Meg Wilhoite [a new customer — welcome, Meg!]

Her Style: Relaxed 90s vibe. Her stone-wash denim skirt is the classic 90s brand – what else! – Jordache. Gotta love those pockets! And the scarf is vintage Anne Klein with a modern edge.

Her Substance: Meg is a writer on all things music — and grad student at Columbia! We just met so I’m still digging into the nitty gritty substance that is Meg. But how’d we meet? Through a mutual friend, Michelle Judd, who is a SDV Twitter friend/ amazing food blogger!

ritu wearing sdv

The SDV Fan: Ritu Ashrafi

Her Style: Street Victorian Glam. Love this corset style top — and how Ritu paired it with a simple white undershirt! Well done (and well photographed!)

Her Substance: Ritu is a cosmopolitan girl. She’s originally from Bangladesh. She moved to London with her family, and then spent her formative years in Canada. She’s a NYC transplant with experiences from around the world — and she’s certainly a tastemaker in the fashion industry, especially as seen on her blog, The Stylester. She works media management by day and rocks out to great tunes [we both have a thing for electronic], takes belly dancing classes and hangs out in her downtown abode.

sabrina wearing SDV

The SDV Fan: Sabrina Newman

Her Style: Color n’ Concerts — the perfect concert wear for this summer music festival lover! Sabrina is hitting up Chicago’s lollapaloozain in a few days, and plans on rocking out [and looking good!] in SDV.

Her Substance: Sabrina founded, the go-to site for the girl who is fashion-forward with a fresh and open attitude — hence a new mode! She founded the site because there was nothing online that spoke to her needs [and her audience’s!] for content that was real service on fashion, fun, relationships, attitude, health and mindfulness. A New Mode speaks The Real Truth — and shares real opinions and advice by real women.

irina wearing sdv

The SDV Fan: Irina Gonzalez

Her Style: Tropical tease! It looks like Irina’s ready to hit the salsa floor in this one-of-a-kind SDV piece.

Her Substance: Irina is a writer extraordinaire — she has nearly 6 blogs! She blogs about her fiction writing career, her favorite fashion staple [dresses!], plus health and fitness. By day, she’s helping the daily operations of In Style Magazine. By night, she’s cooking Cuban and Russian cuisine [her family hails from both countries!] and strategizing how to put together the next best dinner party or capture an episode of one of her favorite TV shows [she loves pop culture!].

lindsay wearing SDV

The SDV Fan: Lindsay Mueller

Her Style: Corporate Chic — with a tablespoon of pretty prep, to boot! Lindsay is wearing [or rather, her bag is wearing!] an SDV vintage polka dot scarf. Proof that scarves aren’t just for your neck!

Her Substance: Lindsay is the co-founder of Cubicle Chic — a corporate fashion blog that captures the best of what to wear when you have to sit in a cubicle all day. Lindsay works full time at a law firm with her Cubicle Chic co-founder Meredith. The lovely ladies bring even the most corporate fashionistas inspiration on how to dress appropriately for work — while still looking and feeling awesome!

sdv polka dot scarf

Lindsay paired the SDV scarf with her leather satchel bag for some spontaneous color on a standard, potentially ho-hum bag.

Style & Substance Profiles: How to Work Vintage into Your Wardrobe [Vol. 2!] 4

The SDV Fan: Katie Wagner [one of my best customers!]

Her Style: Poised and proud. This is our mantra when working the SDV showroom together — I ask Katie: “Do you feel poised and proud?” If her response is “YES!” then “YES!” this piece was meant for her. If she is saying, “I dunno Sammy, I don’t know how it feels here, and the way it looks there and …” then “NO!” this is not a poised & proud piece.

Her Substance: Katie’s love for music is infectious. And not just any music — but indie and emerging DIY sounds. Think of houses in Queens that double as concert venues on Saturday nights. Katie isn’t checking out Santos Party House or Madison Square Garden for her music — she’s going to undergroud venues organized by artists collectives in Bushwick loft spaces. She volunteers for Showpaper — the source for all ages, all access shows in NYC — and is just a great personality and support to the DIY music scene.

Well there you have it, folks! The most recent recap of how YOU, the SDV customer, are incorporating vintage into your daily wardrobe … and a little bit more about the style and substance that you rock … naturally!

xo, SD

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  1. Amazing outfits ladies!!!! I’m just getting into vintage and thrifting myself.

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