SDV TV // Spunky Sunshine Ep. 2 // Saying NO! is the New YES!

by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 7, 2019

I’ve recently discovered that “yes” should be a word I rarely utter. Why? Because whenever you say “yes” to a request, you are giving away a part of yourself to another person, event or thing. You are sending energy into the world that tells it you have committed to doing something because you truly want to do it.

But the reality is: You don’t always want to truly do that “yes,” do you? Maybe you’re like me, and you say yes and take it back often. Because with social media like facebook, twitter, foursquare … even just email and text messaging, we are continually receiving communication requesting our time, energy, emotion and devotion. So we just say YES! to get rid of that communication … but without taking the time to allow that yes to process so it’s really the “right” yes.

I have one request of you: Say yes to watching this video to learn why saying NO will help you to take control of your life.

And one more request you should say yes to: Say NO today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

With every no, you’ll learn how to make the right “yes.”

SDV TV // Spunky Sunshine Ep. 2 // Saying NO! is the New YES! from Sammy Davis on Vimeo.

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