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by Sammy in 7 Comments — Updated March 23, 2020

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)


We at Sammy Davis Vintage have been working on a top secret project for a few weeks … and I’m happy to announce that I’m ready to share the secret [and the style!] with you all in today’s post!

I’m so happy & excited to finally introduce my very own curated vintage “shop finds” page, where you can see, shop and even COMMENT on my favorite vintage picks available on Every week I’ll shop for the vintage and handmade pieces that give me fashion butterflies and make my heart beat a ‘lil bit faster. I’ll then compile at least 16 of those fav finds under the “Shop Finds” page.

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about about this made-for-you section of Sammy Davis Vintage, and how vintage buyers AND sellers alike can participate to wear vintage and spread style love & peace for all!

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

Why I Created This Page: I love sharing what vintage styles are trendy and also what vintage styles are timeless.  I’m a habitual thrifter and a frequent online vintage shopper. Add in my social media obsessiveness … from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to blogging … and Sammy Davis Vintage has a lot of outlets to share! So, instead of inundating everyone with my latest finds via so many points of outreach, I decided to bring it all together in one stop style and one stop shopping a la this Vintage Shop Finds page.

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

BUYER BENEFITS: If you’re anything like me, you can spend hours upon hours shopping online. You’re not sure why you’re shopping online … OK, maybe you do: Because you find it relaxing and pleasurable. Add in a great find, and shopping online is the perfect “in between time, anytime” activity.

But whether you’re new or old to vintage, sometimes you just want a good opinion. Someone who cares about her suggestions because she cares about your style. OK, so maybe I’m boasting a little … but I established Sammy Davis Vintage to “make vintage fashion more accessible to the contemporary woman” with my style know-how and all-things-from-the-past love. So if you want a voice of authority helping you to make vintage shopping decisions, I hope that you trust my opinion and continually return to the shop finds page to see what’s new.

Future benefits might include “Sammy Davis Vintage reader” coupons and other vintage-buying perks. I’m here to make vintage shopping accessible, advantageous and AWESOME for you.

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

SELLER BENEFITS: Are you a seller on Etsy who scours estate sales, closets and thrift stores for the best in vintage fashion and accessories? Do you have the most beautiful listings and a closet full of pieces you just want to give happy homes? Are you having trouble finding those pieces happy homes?

I’m here to help. I’m a vintage fashion advocate who wants to support online vintage sellers who pour their fashionable blood, sweat and tears into their brand’s collections. You are the people who do the “dirty work” to find the gems for us vintage lovin’ girls. You deserve recognition and promotion where it is due: And I am here to give it to you!

Please click the “Submit Your Shop” button on the Shop Finds page to let me know that you’re looking for help finding your pieces happy homes. I’ll be the perfect “vintage estate” agent … and match your pieces to the wardrobe of their dreams!

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

GET SOCIAL!: The inherent beauty of fashion: It is a subjective thing! One trend may work for one girl; one designer may catch the eye of one boutique; one era may be your favorite and another a favorite of someone else. We all have our tastes and we all turn to our own “trends.” That’s why I wanted to enable comments under each of the pieces I digitally select to feature in the Finds page, so that you can comment on what YOU think. My opinion sets the stage … and now it’s time for you to talk into the mic!

Dig the piece? Have a great suggestion on how to wear it? Seen something similar in your own vintage store? Or even … hate the piece? Think it’s a trend that should have stayed buried in the past? Whatever you’re feeling, connect to your Facebook account and share those musings. Sammy Davis Vintage is a site of connection and collaboration, and I’m hoping that you will connect with the pieces and with one another in an environment of healthy, progressive exchange!

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)THANK YOU!: The Shop Finds section of this site wouldn’t be a reality without the style support of readers and vintage lovers like YOU.

It’s been a dream of mine to build my own brick-and-mortar vintage store. That’s where I’d have weekly parties where shoppers and general gatherers would meet and greet and inspire one another with positivity and joy. The Sammy Davis Vintage boutique would be a place of healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Upon entering, you would be loved for who YOU are, and respected for who you were, are and will ever be.

I believe in the truth and kindness in all, and that wearing vintage can elevate our self confidence through the pursuit of consciously creative style. Wearing vintage is like flexing your pretty muscles. We can all add a “zing” to our step with a beautiful vintage piece.

So while my brick-and-mortar store isn’t open [at least yet!] my online one is ready for your shopping pleasure. And better yet, I can help to support the entrepreneurial efforts of others by promoting their pieces and adding value to their brands. I can’t wait for some of you to find your next vintage treasure thanks to my Shop Finds page. Never hesitate to send me an email letting me know about your latest vintage find, especially if discovered thanks to my finds!

Can’t wait to check in tomorrow with some of my own REAL vintage finds … from the jewelry collection of my 85-year-old Grandmother! YES, I was gifted the “family jewels” a la my Nana’s costume jewelry collection from her many vacation voyages. See ya’ll [and some bling] tomorrow!

xx, SD

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  1. What an AWESOME idea!!! Can’t wait to see the new finds!

  2. Wow! A truly great idea! Thanks so much Sammy!!

  3. awesome Sammy!

  4. Thanks to everyone who checked out the shop finds page and left a comment! I LOVE doing this more than life itself. It’s excitement in a bottle I can’t wait to pop every week. xx

  5. This is such a great idea! Thanks for the feature.
    Can’t wait to see your next finds.

  6. thanks for featuring Lady Lux Vintage!

  7. Great job Sammy! I am a seller, but Im also a buyer and spend quite a bit of time searching for things. Cant wait to see what you come up with – maybe you can save me some time! :-)


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