Four Tricks to a Vintage Spring Wedding

by Nicole in Comment — Updated December 17, 2019

Four Tricks to a Vintage Spring Wedding 9Vintage themed weddings can mean an endless amount of ideas, methods, and twists on the classics. Whether you’re a bride channeling the elegant glamour of Daisy Fay or maybe you’re more of a pinup kind of gal, throwing a vintage wedding will always be a most romantic affair. And in order to make sure of that, it’s all about the details and these four inspiring tricks will ensure your vintage spring wedding is spot on!

Four Tricks to a Vintage Spring Wedding 11

Pastel Color Schemes

Muted color palettes are one of the easiest ways to get that antique feel you’re going for. Light greens and pinks and pastel blues will give every aspect of your wedding an older feel. Incorporate those colors into everything from your spring wedding invites to your floral arrangements and decor.

Hair + Makeup

Hair and makeup can make or break the look you’re going for – especially as the bride. How you wear your hair and the way you apply your makeup will show how committed you are to the vintage look you’re going for. Whatever decade you’re trying to convey, do some research ahead of time and make sure your hair dresser and makeup artist have visuals and a solid understanding of your vision. An extra short bob, ringlet curls, or a super high pony are all trademark looks.

Four Tricks to a Vintage Spring Wedding 13

Vintage Jewelry

Soft pearls, striking diamonds, or even a brooch are subtle ways to incorporate the decades into your vintage wedding style. Wedding day jewelry is the perfect opportunity to also honor a wedding tradition dating way back – your something blue. A vintage teardrop necklace, a beaded hair pin, or a piece of blue costume jewelry can serve as another antique piece while also being that charm of luck for love, purity, and fidelity.

Newsboy Caps + Midi Skirts

Who doesn’t love a wedding party dressed to the nines?! Keeping it casual is a new theme so create a cohesive and almost costumed outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsman. Newsboy caps, wool vests, and bow ties are all great ideas for the guys. And dressing your girls in midi skirts or calf length dresses as opposed to a formal gown is a subtle and charming nod to the good-ole-days.

Have fun with it and get creative using these four tips to throwing the ultimate vintage wedding!Four Tricks to a Vintage Spring Wedding 15


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