U-G-L-Y: Ugly Holiday Christmas Sweaters with S-T-Y-L-E

by Sammy in , Comment — Updated February 16, 2020

ugly holiday christmas sweater

 Cute Christmas Troll “Ugly” Holiday Sweater with Style, from my Ugly Holiday Sweater Collection on eBay!

Exploring eBay the other week revealed that there are actually some pretty cute “ugly” Christmas sweaters floating around in the vintage world.

While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, I believe that “ugly” is actually in the mind of its maker as well: As in, what may seem ugly to you is actually really kick-butt-awesome to me. Just sayin’.

That’s why when after coming across not one, or two, or three but 15 (and counting!) cute, conversational Christmas sweaters I decided to curate them into an equally as tongue-in-cheek collection on eBay called Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Kind of Cool (Kind Of).

Why the “kind of” in parenthesis after the title? Because again, be it beauty or be it beast, the world we see is the world we create.

Don’t forget to check other ugly holiday sweaters on my site, like this post on ugly holiday sweaters I purchased from Goodwill and how to decorate your home with vintage christmas decorations for the holidays. #bam

How will you create your holiday spirit and style this year? Only you can decide.

xx, SD

What Sammy Loves

ugly holiday christmas sweater

Bugs Bunny is bound for a comeback. The carrot-chompin’ critter knows “what’s up” for a stylish holiday … and yes, a ‘doc’ just might be included.

Grab the sweater here! 

ugly holiday christmas sweater

I love how the faces of these young ice skaters only come with eyes, as if mysterious snow angels arisen from the white powder to bring the spirit of the season onto your holiday sweater!

Grab the sweater here!

ugly holiday christmas sweater

 Santa is either sweet talking or chastising this little girl before he delivers her presents for Christmas.

What do you think? Was she naughty or nice this year?

Grab similar sweater styles here! 

What Sammy Wears

ugly holiday christmas sweater

Let it be BRIGHT! I love this ugly | beautiful Christmas sweater. It’s safely stowed away in a drawer at my father’s house, ready to be pulled out to wear on Christmas Day!

Wear with a golly grin and don’t forget to play with the bells which come attached to this silly sweater’s zipper. Music – and merriment – awaits.

ugly holiday christmas sweater

One, two, three POW! This look pops a punch with sliced leggings, fishnets and a studded belt.

ugly holiday christmas sweater


Calling all White Winter Wannabes: Pairing lights with darks for a black & white holiday motif is classy and Kris Kringle approved.

The sequins of snowflakes and Evergreen trees give the monochromatic colorway seasonal sparkle.

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