How to Rock an ’80s Inspired Outfit

by Sammy in 2 Comments — Updated November 19, 2019

sarah jessica parker madonna

I’m turning 25 on March 16th!!!

To honor the decade I was born, I gave one of my favorite vintage fashion icons Madonna a nod by matching one of her famous ’80s fashion outfits as inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears a lovely ’80s bustier and tulle skirt here!

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No matter the occasion, the outfit is a tad extreme. So I decided to style a back-up look, too.

Which look do you prefer for my 25th birthday party? Option 1 or Option 2? CLICK this link to see the final looks!


Which 80’s look do you prefer?
Tulle Skirt
Leather Skirt
Neither! It’s a double fashion fail. free polls

2 thoughts on “How to Rock an ’80s Inspired Outfit”

  1. I’ll be 25 this year, too (October). Feeling old? I am! I love this look on both you and Parker: you did an amazing job!

    Happy birthday!

  2. happy birthday tomorrow! wooo! can’t wait to see what you end up wearing <3



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