Fun Vintage Ornaments for a Retro-Inspired Christmas Tree

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated December 16, 2019

vintage decorating christmas tree picture

Vintage holiday week continues here at Sammy Davis Vintage … and this post is probably my favorite so far [well, besides that ugly holiday sweater I rocked in yesterday’s video …] because researching these vintage ornaments on Etsy gave me a chance to do a little holiday shopping myself!

Growing up, I would get SO EXCITED to uncover the Christmas tree ornaments buried somewhere in the basement of my Lancaster, PA suburban home. Soon after Thanksgiving had passed, my brother and I would rush down the stairs and into its dark abyss to hunt for paper grocery bags overflowing with a potpourri of lights, glass balls and tacky tree ornaments.

Some of the ornaments were handmade and vintage even THEN [and we’re talking like, 1995!] and some were handmade from childhood classroom activities, Girl Scouts and holiday activities with the friends of my youth. Even into my teens, I loved uncovering that ornament I made when I was 5 with my school picture from Kindergarten glued on … a big, bright smile of missing teeth and tangled blonde hair!

I love the holidays because not only do they remind you to embrace the family of today, but the spirit of the year inspires you to remember the family — and your amazing life! — of the past, too.

While it IS already December 9th and most normal people have put up their Christmas trees, I still thought that a little retro-holiday inspiration was needed for those who may be tired and bored with the holiday ornaments they’ve decorated with. Or, you may be like me and without a true “collection” of ornaments at all now that you’ve left the nest of home and are living on your own, free to make your own “adult decisions” like … choosing how to decorate your tree!

Whatever your Christmas tree decorating situation or dilemma,  like a new necklace or a new pair of shoes does for your wardrobe, adding a few merry sparkles of fresh Christmas decorations can be just what your tree — and holiday fun! — needs for 2010. Plus, a lot of these awesome vintage knick-knacks for your tree can be used elsewhere, whether as decorations in your home’s foyer to welcome guests for holiday get togethers, or as stand-alone decorations spread around your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom … wherever you need to position some retro holiday cheer!

Scroll on down to see what I handpicked from Etsy … and to help inspire you to remember the Christmas tree ornaments — and childhood memories!! — of your past.

xo, SD

vintage christmas tree ornament

I absolutely love this little guy … he’s ready to ring his bell for you!

Vintage 1950s – 1960s Christmas Santa Chenille and Felt Ornament, $9.95

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vintage christmas tree ornament

A lamb, pig, moon, cow, snowman, soldier and little girl in a stocking on my Christmas tree? YES PLEASE! This is a holiday decoration party!

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Set – 1960s – 1970s, $10 for set

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vintage christmas tree ornament santa

Mrs. Clause is holding mistletoe above Santa to sneak a kiss … adorable.

Vintage Kissing Mr and Mrs Santa Claus – Hallmark Christmas Tree Ornament 1986, $10

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vintage clothspin angels for christmas tree decorations

My childhood Christmas tree had a few clothespin angels … it’s quite amazing how the top of the clothespin resembles a head! It doesn’t get much more vintage DIY than this.

Vintage Crochet-Clothespin Angel Ornaments, $12 for set

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vintage christmas tree ornament

If I were a member of the Jetsons Family, I’d totally have these on my Christmas tree!

Vintage SPACE AGE Sputnik Ornaments, $29.75 for 7 Ornaments

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vintage christmas tree ornaments

Classic and versatile. Delicately place these glass balls on your tree, or as a centerpiece display for Christmas dinner! Use ribbon to append each ball to the tree for extra staying AND vintage-decorative power.

Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments, $20 for 8 Ornaments

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vintage christmas tree ornament

Simple and chic … and the bonus? They’re Christmas decorations in a feminine pink! Plus, the box has the original price — only $.49! Add red or pink ribbon and hang these darlings from a light fixture or above a fireplace for some girly holiday pizazz.

Soft Pink Glass Bulbs, $8 for Set of 5

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vintage christmas tree ornament

Now, I know what you’re thinking — MORE pink glass bulbs, Sammy? Um, ABSOLUTELY! The difference between these and the ones above is … these are SHINY pink versus SOFT pink. Every girl needs some shiny pink bulbs in her life — now’s your chance to scoop these vintage ones [and the box!] on up!

Shiny Hot Pink Glass Ornaments, $7.50 for Set of 12

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vintage christmas tree ornament

Shiny + bright + pink = a very merry holiday

vintage christmas santa lights

I’m about to buy these for myself — a glowing pudgy Santa light?!?! I have a feeling if Target or another big box store were to get a hold of these kitschy delights, they’d mass produce them abroad in a SECOND! Grab the real-deal pair now and say you “had ’em first.”

Santa Lights from 1970, $12.99 for 8 Feet

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vintage christmas tree ornament

Now … for the Christmas tree TOPPER!  I loved this Angel for her cherub features. Traditional blonde hair, rosy cheeks and long Angel garb. Oh! And that bell! You can’t help but want to snuggle with this tree ornament.

Angel Doll Tree Topper, $4.25

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vintage christmas stocking santa

Everyone needs a Christmas stocking — how else will you know if you’ve been naughty or nice, if you don’t have a place to receive your sweets OR coal? I like the Santa design on this stocking because his eyebrows are definitely menacing, as if to say, “Have you been naughty or nice this year, my child?”

Vintage Santa Face Stocking, $14

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vintage minnine mouse christmas stocking

Now for the flip side of the menacing Santa above: magical MINNIE! This stocking hails from the early 80s but has enough staying power to last longer than the legacy of Disney.

Vintage Early 80s Minnie Mouse Stocking [with tags!], $28

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