My First Weekend Selling Vintage at A Little Wicked Boutique!

by Sammy in , 6 Comments — Updated January 29, 2024

7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing

Hello and happy Monday vintage lovers!!

WHEW, what a weekend of fun and craziness I had!!! In my newsletter a few weeks ago I alluded to a few “big announcements” I was antsy to make.

The first bit of big news was announced last week about the Sammy Davis Vintage Shopping Experience. Beginning this week [gasp! so soon!] I’ll be offering vintage lovers exclusive tours to the best vintage stores in NYC. I’m offering introductory rates for the first few tours, and then launching full scale after Fashion Week in September with weekend tours. I can’t wait!

The SECOND big announcement is being announced … RIGHT NOW! This weekend marked my first time officially back working in the aspect of the vintage industry I love best: styling women in vintage fashion that suits their personal tastes best.

I was hired as a sales associate and magical social media maven at A Little Wicked boutique located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of NYC at 279 East Houston Street. I’ll be styling, steaming and smiling all over this beautiful space every weekend (Friday – Sunday) until after Fashion Week in September, when I’ll begin working Tuesday – Thursday.

Vintage lovers, when I left my completely secure, however completely corporate job almost 2 years ago to pursue Sammy Davis Vintage full time I had no idea where the future would take me and who I’d meet along the way. But it wasn’t KNOWING where I was going that was important — it was TRUSTING where I would inevitably go that was most crucial.

I’m so grateful for my trust, and that it has brought me to this opportunity of working for A Little Wicked!

Many of you who read this blog have never met me in person, and may assume that I know “everything” there is to know about vintage. While I know more than the average 25-year-old girl, I definitely have a life of learning ahead. And arguably, so do some of the most seasoned sellers! Because vintage is NOW — everything we are wearing from contemporary stores will someday be vintage. So like life itself, learning is constant, and cannot be consumed “en mass” at one moment.

Which is why I am so excited to be not only managing this site and my web series, but now back in action selling vintage fashion to the wonderful women of NYC to help me grow as a vintage expert and pass along my insight and enthusiasm to you!

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about visiting me for your own vintage styling session at A Little Wicked boutique, see pics of the store and most exciting: pictures of what fab vintage sold and a few pieces I personally love that remain up for grabs!

On Friday, I celebrated my first day back in the thick of the vintage industry I love best: selling and styling women in vintage fashion that suits their personal tastes best.

When I sold vintage at flea markets, trunk shows and later by renting a storage room at Manhattan Mini Storage, I would “envision” what my vintage boutique would look like someday to give me comfort from the strain and stress of literally selling vintage “out of my car’s trunk.

I dreamed that the store would be light, airy and organized by trend. There’d be a “graffiti chalkboard wall” where women could write their positive affirmations for the day … or just get down with self expression and illustrate at free will with a piece of chalk!

I’d host a party every Friday night to celebrate vintage love and the love of community around my boutique. And finally, because I’m a proponent of all-natural beauty and all-natural food, I’d also have a juice bar and a beauty bar. No fake food or parabens allowed  in my boutique!

I smile just at the thought of this store! But I also smile in this very moment because those “visions” I had a few years ago have become a reality thanks to my new position at A Little Wicked. The owner, Bianca, shares my passion for connecting with the customer, having fun and being real.

She sells great vintage that looks good on the girl of 2011, and she understands that not all vintage is created equal and must be well-edited to create a store that truly speaks to a style, and not just a mish/mash of clothing.

And last but definitely not least: Bianca definitely knows how to throw a good party! We’re planning a bash for end of August that may just be titled “Vintage Warehouse Sale” … with a name like that, you just don’t know what you’re going to find unless you attend! So definitely stay posted for that news or shoot me an email so I can add your information on the Little Wicked newsletter.

I can’t wait to style some of you lovely vintage lovers at A Little Wicked! Let me know what you’re looking for by emailing, tweeting, Facebooking … maybe casting a wicked spell to let me kow?!

I will see some of you in the Lower East side SOON! Here’s to wicked awesome magical style …

xx, SD


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1 / Welcome to A Little Wicked boutique! The space has been renovated beautifully — I heard from Bianca herself that it was “a mess” when she first began rehabbing. Vintage store owners are skilled in room design, as well!

2 – 5 / I love how the store isn’t wide, but long. It looks like a long corridor — you’re literally surrounded on all sides by VINTAGE! I feel like I’m shopping in a grocery store, because the merchandise is set up like a food aisle. Take that, Whole Foods!

6 / How adorable is this changing room?! It’s literally in the back of the boutique. We encourage all vintage lovers to show us what they’re wearing in the full-length mirror that’s more in the middle of the store. It’s like vintage show & tell … which you’re about to see more of below!



7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing

1 / I *believe* this customer’s name was Sarah. I LOVED her — she walked in, looked at a few pieces for about 10 minutes collectively and then tried them on and left with TWO gorgeous pieces — this great ’60s floral shift dress that was half off on the sale rack and although not pictured, a GORGEOUS ’30s bias cut slip dress.

Sarah moved here a few weeks ago from San Francisco to work in the public relations department of Ralph Lauren. She picked up some HOT vintage for all of her hot fashion week parties coming up!

2 / I absolutely DIED when I saw this darling floral prairie dress on this vintage lover. Unfortunately it was a bit too big in the back so it remains in the store, but I know she will find her happy home soon!

3 / This vintage lover walked into the store on Friday after brunching down the street, saw this mustard yellow sweater poncho with pom pom accents and decided right then and there that she’d buy it for her Halloween costume and be a .. LIGHT BULB!

I thought that was a.) simply genius and b.) simply ahead-of-her-time [not to mention the holiday planning schedule] Vintage lovers, start musing on your October 31st get up now … because clearly, others already are!

4 / She was laughing at me taking a picture of her in a Smurf shirt, but I think it looks quite stunning paired with this light brown bolero style ’60s jacket! She nabbed it off the sale rack ($20!!) because it had a rip on the inside.

I’m always honest with the customer and let them know if something is damaged. ALW tries to fix everything so that it’s repaired, however even like the new clothes we buy today some things inevitably have “seen better days!” But this jacket, to be quite honest, is seeing it’s heyday with this vintage lover!

5 / Another ’30s bias cut slip dress! This is Sandra, who walked in to the boutique with Sandra [pictured below]. They seemed hesitant to explore at first, but after chatting with them for a few minutes they opened up and the fun shopping began!

Bianca encourages a social atmosphere in the store for the weekend — so if you’re in to visit, trying on a lot of vintage and just adding to the merriment, wine and tasty treats you will receive! I had more wine this weekend than I’ve had collectively over the past month, LOL!

6 / Hilary looked ab-so-lute-ly SMASHING in this ’80s/early ’90s floral fabulous JUMPSUIT! I cannot even begin to describe how the piece just fit her body to the TEE.

That makes me so happy — when  see that a piece of clothing needs absolutely no belting, tucking, pinching or teasing to make “work.” This jumpsuit was just waiting for Hilary to come in and find her! It was vintage fate!


7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing

1 / A tie dye jumpsuit in orange? YES, please!

2 -3 / This tulip skirt dress with a gorgeous waist crystal adornment makes me swoon each time I look at it. Please, someone walk into the store and give it a happy home and a party to go to, please!

4  / This lace ruffle and black/white gingham print prairie dress is oh very “good girl from the Midwest” with a saucy, sexy twist thanks to the eyelet detail around the chest area to accentuate your um, bust!

I find it so amusing when conservative styles are redefined with a few fresh touches. You could style this with cowboy boots and keep it oh-so-Minnesota, or you could rock it out with chunky platforms and a floppy hat for late summer sultriness.

5 – 6 / This ’60s yellow and white pleated gingham print dress looks ah-ma-zing on almost every body thanks to its yellow sash that creates a flattering empire waist line.

The dress was tried on by about 3 vintage lovers this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers I won’t see it in the store next weekend: I want it to SELL!



7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing7 Pro Tips For Selling Vintage Clothing
1 / Day 1, I arrived wearing nothing but vintage — this great ’60s linen skirt with horizontal stripes of lace applique, and an ’80s knit sleeveless crop top over a black bikini top.

The trend in NYC is to wear bandeau tops below dresses and tops with cut-out armpits and over accentuated V-necks. I’m just wearing my bikini tops in place of the bandeau tops to capture the aspects of the trend.

2 / This is what I call my “Gypsy” look — it’s a jumpsuit I found thrifting back in my college days in Philadelphia. I actually SHRUNK this by accident, and now it fits skin tight to my body. But it looks great so I don’t mind!

3 – 4 / I’m obsessed with fringe, leather, vests … tie dye! I made it all work in one look [don’t mind the leopard print galoshes — it was pouring cats & dogs that day!] for some pre-fall style inspiration.

I can’t wait to wear a ton of poncho sweaters, long duster coats and gauzy fabrics in rich browns, greens and purples. Vintage suede and leather will be staples in my fall wardrobe, too. I think I’m just going to be crazy for layers in general, since I spent most of the summer wearing nothing but tight fabrics, bathing suit tops and cut-off shorts!


**Can’t wait to see some of you at A Little Wicked boutique …. please visit me! **

6 thoughts on “My First Weekend Selling Vintage at A Little Wicked Boutique!”

  1. This is truly AWESOME! Her shop is adorable…I to have those same dreams…I can picture it in my head lol!

  2. I love it! Great post! Your enthusiasm is so contagious I am sure that you will be the best possible sales person they could ask for! And one that also photographs all their merchandise on-line? Win/win! And you are very right in that we ALL (you, the 25 yr old and me the 45 yr old and everyone else) are learning ALL the time! I love reading your blog and posts. Even though (as I constantly make you aware) I never ever want to see 80’s again, having lived through it, I love to see what the younger trend-setters are wearing and loving! If I do not make an effort to understand that, I am living in a bubble. You go!

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! You are so freaking cute! They are so fortunate to have you!

    I can’t wait until you own a huge vintage warehouse of your own. It’s going to be larger than life itself! (Smile)

    Sidebar: That tan bolero jacket is giving me EVERYTHING and more right now! I’m totally into the exaggerated shoulders these days. It’s so Beyonce. hehehe

    Can’t wait to come check you and the little wicked crew out soon!


  4. Sammy,you bubble over and make me smile. I lived through the 40’s and 50’s and I was 105 lbs. when I got married in ’59. As you know, age brings wisdom but also some extra poundage, so I’m “wise” enough to know there probably isn’t anything to fit a plus size gal in your cute vintie shop. I’d enjoy seeing you work with a bigger vintie, such as me. I get to NY a couple times a year, and you bet I will be visiting you at the Wicked vintie store. Remember I won’t be looking for anything dowdie, but age appropriate for a 71 year old! xoxo

  5. Vintage is hardly “NOW”. The last decade brought on cheaply made fast fashion that does not stand the test of time. The end of vintage as we know it ended in 1999. The last decade was defined by crap. High end designer pieces will be the only items worth a rat’s tail.

  6. Wow! I love the smurf look. I was actually gng to pull a look exactly like that with the HK shirt I was sent this past week. I’m also loving your gypsy jumpsuit. It’s beautiful!


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