Styling Vintage with Modern (American Apparel)

by Sammy in 2 Comments — Updated February 12, 2020

Watch the video to see how I styled 5 vintage looks at The Family Vintage Jewels using one dress from American Apparel!

Keep reading after the jump to see pictures of the final looks and to vote for your favorite representing either the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s or ’80s!


Which vintage outfit styled with a polka dot dress do you like best?
40’s Mustard Jacket
50’s Polka Dot Skirt
60’s Pink Sequins Top
70’s Flower Maxi Skirt
80’s Copper Leather Skirt free polls


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LOOK #1: 1940s

womens vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


LOOK #2: 1950s

womens vintage fashion outfit 1950s


LOOK #3: 1960s

womens vintage fashion outfit 1960s


LOOK #4: 1970s

womens vintage fashion outfit 1970s

LOOK #5: 1980s

womens vintage fashion outfit 1980s

2 thoughts on “Styling Vintage with Modern (American Apparel)”

  1. I used to shop at that store all the time when I lived in NYC! Love it so much!
    My favorite is the 50’s polka dot version!

  2. Ialoso love the polka dot its stylish and clasic :)


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