3 Denim Vest Vintage Looks!

by Sammy in Comment — Updated October 25, 2019

Hello and happy Thursday, vintage lovers!!

I’m so excited to share the latest Styling Vintage with Modern video! It features 3 completely different looks as styled using one modern piece: a denim vest by Levis.

Watch the video to see me work vintage magic in Odd Twin, a great vintage boutique in Brooklyn, NYC. Keep reading after the jump for photos of the final look, to learn which one was MY personal favorite and of course … to VOTE!

The last Styling Vintage with Modern video featured Mafalda Boutique … and the Brown Midi Skirt look WON! Which look from Odd Twin will win today?!

You vintage lovers always amaze me with your tastes and insights … thank you for inspiring me!

xx, SD


Which vintage outfit styled with a Levis denim vest do you like best?
Born Again Dress with Cowboy Boots
Leopard Leggings Party Outfit
Liz Claiborne Romper
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Which look was my favorite from among the 3 choices below?

CLICK HERE to find out!!!


vintage fashion outfit odd twin


vintage fashion outfit odd twin


vintage fashion outfit odd twin

1 thought on “3 Denim Vest Vintage Looks!”

  1. My favorite is look three. Very classy and chic.


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