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by Sammy in 6 Comments — Updated November 7, 2019

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

Hello and happy Wednesday, everyone!

I’m really excited for today’s post because it’s announcing a chance for me to meet vintage lovers based in New York City this SATURDAY!

I was invited by The Coveted to participate in a very special “Blogger Closet Raid” event & sale this Saturday at the Tribeca Grand Hotel from noon to 4.

The sale is exactly what you might be thinking … it’s your chance to shop the closets of some of the ‘nets biggest fashion bloggers (ahem, Keiko Lynn and Holier Than Now will be there?! blog crushes, hello!) and to also mix and mingle with a very stylish crowd in a very stylish atmosphere.

Some of you may know that I used to sell vintage full time from my showroom and at pop-up markets and trunk shows. While my showroom has closed and my vintage fashion endeavors have grown to proportions much bigger (and hopefully, with greater influence!)

I have such a soft spot in my heart for selling the vintage finds that I’ve hand curated myself. And let me know tell … there are some good things to get, ladies!

And the best part is: I’m selling everything at either $5, $10 or $15!

For more details on Saturday’s sale, RSVP to the event on Facebook here. And please check out The Coveted for more fashion news, views & inspiration! I was so honored to be invited and can’t wait to share my love of vintage fashion with everyone who attends.

Keep reading after the jump for a glimpse of what I will be selling at Saturday’s sale — and ladies, this is just the TIP of the iceberg!

I wanted to package this post in such a way that it wasn’t just about “selling” my clothes for personal profit … but truly spreading the love of vintage fashion, which I have determined is the mission of why I blog and produce video on the topic.

A follower of my videos on YouTube recently messaged me words that touched my heart in so many ways.

She shared that after watching my videos, she felt comfortable digging in her late mother’s closet to look at her collection of clothing dating from the ’70s. This young girl, about 16, told me that her mother had died a few years prior and her father when she was only 6.

Because she saw the joy in vintage fashion through my videos, she was inspired to integrate a few of her mother’s pieces into her wardrobe. In essence, she is giving the memories of her mother life. While no longer with her in the physical sense, she can find peace and comfort in knowing that a part of her mom is with her everyday, if she only chooses to go into her closet and put it on to remind her.

This message reminded me that the clothes we wear are the memories we make … and keep. So, to share with you some of the pieces I’ll be selling this Saturday, I’m also sharing a special memory I have with each one, hopefully inspiring you to look at your wardrobe in a whole new light today.

Thank you everyone for being here – and for spreading the passion of vintage fashion! Please email with any questions you may have regarding this Saturday’s sale, [email protected].

xx, SD



34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE SKIRT: A pleated silk polka dot skirt from The Limited circa 2003

THE MEMORY: I remember wearing this near Oxford Street when studying abroad in London, and two Japanese women stopping to take a picture of me in it. I can’t remember if they were street style photographers or just snap-happy tourists … but I found it to be quite the compliment, nonetheless!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE DRESS: Sleeveless floral ’70s-era maxi dress made from light cotton material

THE MEMORY: This dress was actually just blogged about on Monday for my weekly modern vintage style post. It was a gift from the Vintage Mistress on Etsy — whom I am so grateful to for her kindness and support!

I believe that pieces have souls, and it is our duty to pass along their positive energy for others to reap the benefits from. So, I have been energized by this piece long enough thanks to my friend The Vintage Mistress, and have decided it is time for this vintage soul to fly and find a new happy home with hopefully one of you!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE SHORTS: Oh-so-’90s denim fringe shorts with an epic print of what else but … DAISY FLOWERS!

THE MEMORY: Unfortunately I have never worn this because they are slightly large on me, but they still possess a memory and a smile, nonetheless.

I recently connected with a vintage lover who lives in my hometown. Her name is Lisa, and she LOVES daisy flowers. So everytime I look at these, I think of her! Lisa if you are reading this, thank you so much for your love & support!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE BLAZER: A ’60s wool blazer with great button clasp and navy blue/ off white houndstooth print

THE MEMORY: After quitting my job at in November 2009, I picked up a lot of babysitting and freelance opportunities. One of my “babysitting clients” gifted me this blazer, which was gifted to her from a friend. I was so touched that she would think of me beyond my role as “babysitter” for her son. She was a huge support in my life at the time, giving me jobs almost twice a week so that I could pay my NYC rent!

A second memory with this blazer is when I wore it to film Episode 3 of Thrift Wars … an epic one, too, as it was “Hipster vs. Hipster!”



34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE JACKET: A very preppy nautical one-button close blazer/jacket with gold threaded detail along the collar & sleeves lining

THE MEMORY: I can’t help but laugh at this jacket because it was one of those pieces in the Sammy Davis Vintage showroom that every girl oogled over but no one would buy. I suppose you need to be, ahem, “On a boat” to truly wear this anchor proud … but then again, the Sammy Davis Vintage intern (shout out to Meg!) is absolutely in love with it, so if this lady doesn’t sell I have a feeling she is going to find a happy home with her!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE SKIRT: A ’70s maxi skirt of pleated proportions and rainbow bright plaid print

THE MEMORY: Last summer I produced a photoshoot at the Rockford Mansion in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. I styled a model with this skirt and a very light, iridescent blouse. The model stood in the grass at the mansion and with the evening light coming to a close, the environment was absolutely perfect for what came out to be stunning photography.

Check out the photoshoot here and you’ll see what I mean!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE DRESS: A ’60s very colorful, very graphically-charged shift dress by designer Tori Richards, who was a bit like the Lily Pultizer of Hawaii of his day

THE MEMORY: I bought this dress at the Manhattan Vintage Show from one of my closest friends and confidants in the biz, Amy of Boston-based vintage boutique Artifaktori.

If you are ever in Boston she has two store locations. Her passion for the industry — and dressing women well while also investing in giving back to the planet — is truly awe-inspiring.


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE SKIRT: A midi-length tie-dye skirt that I believe was handmade since it has no tag (always a good sign that something was handmade)

THE MEMORY: I bought this at the Salvation Army in my hometown a few months ago. It was one of those, “OMG I LOVE IT, but I don’t have time to try it on” type-of-buys. Why I loved it so much? The tie dye, of course! I have such a soft spot for tie dye this summer and am still plotting how I can fit a tie dye party into my busy schedule.

Unfortunately the buy WAS a bit reckless … because the skirt is too big! I could probably belt it into a dress, but like I say above, I’d much rather this skirt find a happy home with another tie dye lover who can wear it well.


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE DRESS: An all-lace “tent style” dress with 3/4 sleeves from H&M circa 2006

THE MEMORY: I bought this dress in a H&M in Philadelphia when I was attending Temple University. I remember just falling in love with it because it was the epitome of girly, but was a good solid “base color” to accessorize with some toughness, too.

Back in my college days I never attended any class, event, lunch, meeting, whatever! without being “done up to the nines.” Yes, I was one of THOSE girls … the ones who walked miles in their heels around campus, bearing the pain to look “good.”

Well, my style has relaxed since (forcingly so, because this city is much bigger than a college campus!) and I no longer wear the most girlie of things. So I think it’s time that this lovely lady — a very vintage inspired piece, might I add — find another lovely lady to dress!


34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

THE DRESS: A cobalt blue 1980s body con dress, slightly midi length (not quite past the ankles) and worn to KILL! with it’s good body conscious looks

THE MEMORY: Alright ladies, so you’re probably going to comment with “shame on you!” for this one … but this is my Mom’s old dress!!

OK, OK … joke’s on you ;-) I’m NOT selling this one … I simply wanted to include it to show you how special it is to me because it was my mother’s. Like the story shared with you in my introduction, I find connection to my mom’s style when I am “feeling down” or just need a familiar “thing” on my body.

I don’t believe in the paranormal … but I believe whole heartedly in the energy of our intent. While my mother is alive and thriving, I know that someday she won’t be. I am saddened by this thought, but re-energized knowing that I will have some pieces of her to keep with me always, no matter where she or I will be in the future.

6 thoughts on “Shop My Closet this Saturday! $5-$15 Vintage Pieces”

  1. Sammy! I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are sharing your pieces with your fans! I am especially drawn to the nautical jacket! I started wearing the nautical style as a tribute to my heritage/upbringing (Dad’s 30 year Naval career). I definitely appreciate that piece the most :)
    Have fun at the event!!!
    <3, AMC

  2. Man, I totally wish I could be there for this! Please let me know if you’ll have any more sales between July 21-24 – that’s when I’ll be out your way :)

  3. I’m soooooo going to be there and I love the lace guy and the fun colored shift dress! Yay!!!

  4. I am JEALOUS of ANYONE who gets that Navy Blue Houndstooth Blazer!

  5. Consider the polk-a-dot skirt sold. What size is it!? PS- when my grandmother passed my Mom specifically got me two things of her that I wear constantly. An Hermes silk scarf & a long strand of pearls.

  6. Can’t believe it! I’m looking for that Limited skirt right now! So gorgeous! A friend has it and I’m trawling all over for it. Glad you had it and loved it!


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