Beautiful Girls, All Over the Katwalk … SDV Fashion Show Recap!

by Sammy in — 4 Comments — Updated May 25, 2010

It’s not everyday that a girl gets to throw a fashion show.

Sure, there’s been those times I’ve paraded around my apartment in my latest favorite SDV find, or in a hot little number before hitting the town for a night out. And then there are all of those times that I post my latest looks, a la model style, to my favorite fashion community Fashism.

But that’s just me. A fashion show is more than just one person – it’s a parade of MANY people, in this case, oh-so-fab SDV models, who are real girls with a real interest in fashion and presenting it to you in a fun, fresh way.

Last week I blogged about the SDV team – models, stylists & makeup artists from all backgrounds and social circles. I can’t thank them enough for their support and volunteer efforts toward making the very *second* Sammy Davis Vintage fashion show a success. [The first has an itty bitty video, if you wanna check it out!]

Why was it a success? Let’s count the ways … and show ‘em for all of your eyes to see. Cause what’s a fashion show really worth if you can’t gawk at pretty pictures later, and post ‘em all over your and your friends’ Facebook walls?

Special thanks to Cozy Wallet for organizing the event at Katwalk NYC — and to photographers Elizabeth Sarah & Udo Salters for snapping hot shots! I can’t add ’em all here, so check out the Cozy Wallet slideshow for the complete collection.

To all who made it to Katwalk NYC last Thursday night – thank YOU for attending and showing your support!

Now onto plan the next big event … mark your calendar for Saturday, June 19th — deets coming SOON! Plus AFTER PARTY!

sammy davis vintage models

The SDV model team rocking the final “jet set look” with hot bikini tops from H&M and stellar silk & sexy flow pants. From left to right:  Vanessa, Sonya, Melissa, Emmelie & Laurel

sammy davis vintage model

Sonya kicked off the show in this jaw-dropping gorgeous vintage Lily Pulitzer piece. It’s a perfect contrast of brights against her rich skin tone. I threw in the flower for some extra pizazz [available at H&M now!]

sammy davis vintage model

Emmelie worked one of two “yellow shorts” looks. Yellow hues are the total summer hotness for right now — just check out what Mischa Barton is wearing.

Pair ’em with a floral-fun-fabulous animal print silk, and you’ve got yourself some sexy/sassy/sophisticated style.

sammy davis vintage model

My “Katy Perry” dress SOLD! I called it the Katy Perry dress because I could picture someone wearing it with a piece of fruit on their head, a la Katy Perry at the MTV music awards a few years back.

Katy Perry didn’t buy it — someone better did. An SDV fan at the Katwalk event! She nabbed this summer piece for only $45. Wow, woah, wonderful.

sammy davis vintage model

This shot doesn’t do Vanessa’s makeup justice … thanks to the fine work of SDV makeup artist, Tyshon Barnes.

sammy davis vintage model

Everyday makeup? I definitely think this trend needs to pick up, A-STAT.

sammy davis vintage model

Laurel looked divine in lace and florals. Stylist Aamira suggested adding masculine edge to the look a la a Stetson fedora — which ALSO sold! SDV needs to get some new inventory … or, just throw a fashion show every week for the cash register to go cha-ching cha-ching!

founder of cozy wallet

Huge thanks to the lovely lady that is Dalia and founder of Cozy Wallet — check out her hot look in front of Katwalk, on the right!

the sammy davis vintage model team

The SDV team complete with stylists Aamira [left end] and Tiffany [second from right, rockin’ the sequins!]. Whose missing? SOPHIA! We <3 you girl, you missed the pic.

sammy davis of sammy davis vintage

Oh … and then there’s me. And my hotness that is this 80s dress. What do you think? Leave a comment! I’m debating whether to sell it … should it become a permanent piece in the SDV personal closet?!

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Girls, All Over the Katwalk … SDV Fashion Show Recap!”

  1. What a great event! Never been to one like it before, but I have to say, I got caught up in it and it excited me! All those quick changes—yikes! Your models were very professional.


  2. Absolutely fabulous! You are dedicated to your craft and your passion shows! Keep up the fabulous work! I am so happy to have found you through Aneta’s blog (@Bobbintalk)!

  3. aw, looks like you all had FUN!!!! i wish i wasn’t out of town when it all went down. xo

  4. the girls all look amazing! I’m digging the bikini top/flowy pant look!


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