How to Make Vintage Flower Arrangements

by Nicole in Comment — Updated December 6, 2019

How to Make Vintage Flower Arrangements 13Vintage flowers and themes have gained immense popularity over the past few years. Be it weddings, parties or a simple house décor, vintage themes are now seen everywhere. It has become every floral designer’s personal favorite. You can make them yourself as well to decorate your beautiful home and even for presents!

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Vintage flowers are plenty in option and you can buy wholesale flowers online to make the shopping easier for you. We created a step by step approach on creating the perfect vintage floral arrangement for you.

Step 1 – Select the Flowers

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This is our favorite part: shopping for the flowers! Go through the amazing collection of wholesale flowers online and get some of your favorite flowers. Flowers can be divided into three categories depending on the color, texture and prices. We made you a list to make things easier for you. Mix and match the flowers to suit with your style.

Luxury flowers Everyday flowers Wholesale flowers
Chincherinchee Hydrangea Cherry blossoms
Snowberries Lavender Dahlia
Viburnum Lilies Protea
Astranthia Carnations Lotus

Step 2 – Think about the Seasonal Differences

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The arrangements will differ according to the season. So, keep the season in mind and think of a suitable style. The look and feel will vary greatly despite similar arrangements. For instance, the summer vintage floral arrangement will look more bright, colorful and vibrant with smaller flowers. However, the spring look will be better with more green foliage.

Step 3 – Find a Suitable Location

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Where you will be placing the arrangement is an important factor as well. The color and design of the case or container will greatly depend on that. If you are getting that for your own home, look for the places where a vase or floral decors would be the most suitable.

Step 4 – Choose the Vase

You can get vases of different sizes from your nearest floral shops. To save you from trouble you can even buy wholesale flowers online along with the standardized vases. For larger flowers, round or oval shaped vases will look better. If you are choosing small flowers, we would recommend choosing vases with sleek designs.

Step 5 – Go for DIY Containers

You can skip step 4 and make DIY containers of your own. Take any of your recycled items and convert it into a container for flowers. The container can be a bottle, an old plastic bucket, an old wooden box, a vintage looking tea-cup or anything else. Use your creativity as much as possible to add a personalized touch to it.

Step 6 – Get the Right Combination

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Switch and swap the flower combinations with your chosen containers before giving the final touch. We made few interesting combinations for you. Explore the inner artist within you to create the perfect combination for your desired vintage arrangements.

For example, an arrangement of roses, gigantic clove carnations, astilbe, snowberries, mints and viburnum will look perfect for a bohemian look. For a meadow styled outlook, you can try flowers such as avalanche roses, snapdragons, guelder rose, blooms, thistles, cottinus, snowberry and ivy trails.

Step 7 – Ready, Set and Go

Now that you are set with your selection and shopping put the flowers in the vase and you are good to go. You can attach the flowers with some ribbons or strings if you want them to stick together. For stronger stems, you will require floral tapes and wires. You can easily get floral supplies online or in any other local shops.

Don’t forget to put sufficient water to make the arrangements last longer. Some simple flowers with a vase can actually change the entire look of your home.

Step 8 – Share your Work

After creating something beautiful, you deserve some appreciation. So take pictures of your work and upload it on social networking sites for others to take inspiration from it. Mention the types of flowers you used, the color scheme, the thought process you went for and an estimate of the budget you needed.

We hope this was useful for you to make your own vintage floral arrangements. The task is actually quite easy and it can be a wonderful decoration piece to adorn your home. This can also act as a unique present for your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make yourself one as well!

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